100 Fantasy Wilderness Trinkets
Trinkets Fantasy Wilds Treasure

100 Fantasy Wilderness Trinkets

Duncan Thomson
a whole bearskin the size of your hand

Trinkets for your fantasy wilds adventures and borderlands campaigns.

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Trinkets of the Wilderness

Leaf amulets, pieces of carapace, bounty of nature and items from all of the wilds. Fantasy trinkets might be found on hunter npcs, elven adventurers, wandering scouts, inan abandoned hut, tree hollow or in an isolated hamlet.

So here are trinkets for your characters in wilderness campaigns.

There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of the Wilds on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of the Wilds on DriveThru RPG Trinkets Bundle on DriveThru RPG

100 Trinkets of the Wilds

1d100Fantasy Wilds Trinkets
1 an ivory frog wrapped in a lily pad
2 a nut with a black symbol, given to you by a squirrel
3 a petrified mushroom with a tiny figure sat on it
4 a plain bone ring that changes color depending on the terrain
5 a large walnut with a wooden door
6 a tiny mosaic made of dead beetles and snails, depicting a nature deity
7 a bloodstained woodcarving knife discovered in a tree hollow
8 a feather from a giant owl, that floats at eye level when released
9 a burnt bone inscribed with names of a swamp, a desert and a hill
10 an oak arrowhead covered in lichen
11 a totem of rat skulls, with glowing eyes every midnight
12 the deed to an isolated tower, long collapsed and overgrown by plants
13 a mushroom circle amulet, which an eye sometimes looks through
14 a drinking horn that pulls its bearer to certain forest groves
15 a crown of dandelions that renews every equinox
16 a wooden flute that disappears when played
17 a winged centipede with tiny horns, that is alive for an hour every week
18 a six-sided die with a bush, a river, a snake, a fire, a fungi and a feather
19 a picture book of many animals wearing boots
20 a pouch of dry leaves that, when opened has the smell of spring
21 an animal doll made of ferns, spiderwebs and berries
22 a pair of pointed ears made from leaves
23 a fine bone comb given to your family by an ancient dryad
24 a journal of pressed herbs
25 a model tree created from pinecones
26 an ivory goblet with a wooden snake coiled around it
27 a garland of flowers that blooms once a year
28 a transparent bear's jaw a cousin found in a mountain cave
29 a glistening twig that becomes a tiny raft when placed in water
30 an owl feather talisman thought to bring good luck
31 a wooden figurine with autumn colours and a new form each dawn
32 a tiny moonstone dog that smiles in sunlight
33 a sparkling lump of glass from a fey palace
34 several purple mushrooms said to have been grown in a magical bag
35 a collection of tiny shells, seeds, leaves and dead insects in a bag
36 a dead mouse that never decays
37 a piece of obsidian that hums while touching wood
38 a rosewood wolf mask, that brings dreams of hunting if worn at night
39 a battered reed basket, made by a grandparent
40 a silvery butterfly that lingers with the scent of summer
41 a whole bearskin the size of your hand
42 a scarf of wildflowers that attracts that butterflies
43 a mesmerising stone covered in moss and moving purple sigils
44 a bracelet of animal teeth
45 an old rabbit's foot that smells of leaves
46 an elegant bone pipe given to you by a nature spirit
47 an ivory key, that has faint runes when held in moonlight
48 a bracelet of tree bark, that tightens in wooded areas
49 a dragon scale with sand on one side and short grass on the other
50 a vial of green paste made from tree sap
51 a glowing pinecone charm that vanishes every solstice
52 a lotus flower locked in amber
53 a jar of large blue seeds from an unknown plant
54 a tattered book titled "Surviving in the Wilds", covered in farewell wishes
55 a red flower that wilts at dusk and regrows every dawn
56 a wedding knot made of spiderwebs, reeds and thorns
57 a wig made of beeswax
58 an arctic flower one of your parents found at an oasis
59 a fur hide with a list of places not to start fires
60 an aspen wand that summons the aroma of autumn
61 an antler adorned with goblin eyes
62 a tortoise shell you found up a tree
63 a short knife made of hard carapace, marked with three hunting runes
64 a lightweight cape of ivy and brambles
65 a rabbit pelt made into a loincloth
66 a shimmering acorn said to be from a magical tree
67 a pot of honey taken from a sacred beehive
68 a bird skull medallion that chirps in the sunshine
69 a warm green and blue egg, that has not hatched in a century
70 a wooden sign, warning of nymphs and trolls
71 a webbed scarf that smells of the desert
72 a collection of arrows, made from plant stems
73 a sheaf of sketches of treetop villages
74 a pinecone wrapped in leaves
75 a badger's skull that gives bad advice only you can hear
76 a red cap covered in fairy dust
77 a cursed mountain-shaped amulet, that flares brightly at random
78 a faerie painting of clouds with several moving birds
79 a beard of fireflies
80 a thick fur glove, that lingers with a whiff of winter
81 a scorpion's claw clutching a bent copper coin
82 an elven ring of feathers, followed by motes of light
83 a cactus which is always flowering
84 a fox's tail with a pin through it
85 a pouch of tea wrapped in feathers
86 a chunk of unmelting ice with bees flying inside
87 a hunk of marble hung on a chain of daisies, bearing names of hated fey
88 a folded strip of bark containing several pressed flowers
89 a lock of dryad's hair that changes colour in moonlight
90 a necklace of reeds with fishbones hanging from it
91 a jar with a green fruit, which you've never been able to identify
92 a boarhide belt with a bronze buckle
93 a tree root that moves like a snake
94 a miniature landscape painting, with a pair of eyes that sometimes open
95 an oak pendant with a wisp trapped inside
96 a leather pouch, containing a set of 13 wooden runes
97 a bee with a tiny copper collar, that follows you everywhere
98 a walnut merged with a bone
99 a gauntlet of leaves and thorns
100 a dead snake with two tails

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There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of the wilds on DriveThru RPG.

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