Solo Actual Play Podcasts For Improving Table Use (updated)
Solo RPGs Using Random Tools Podcasts

Solo Actual Play Podcasts For Improving Table Use (updated)

Duncan Thomson

A few podcast recommendations for learning about solo play and enjoying the exploits of other games.

[Cover image is from Errant Adventures]

Solo Actual Play Podcasts

Actual play podcasts helped me understand and appreciate what solo gaming was. And improved my gaming lots in the meantime. So here are some of the ones I've listened to in the last couple of years.

I've covered a few in my Guide to Generators for Solo RPGs.

Use the podcasts to

  • See how others use random tables and tools in their games
  • Discover new sources of random tables.
  • Get exposed to a variety of rpgs without having to play them.
  • Discover tools such as GM Emulators and spark tables.

Nov 2023: Just added a couple more and then discovered several more to listen to)

Me, Myself and Die by Trevor Devall

Trevor has clearly done lots of voice work as each character we encounter has distinctive voice and mannerisms.

Mostly known as a You Tube channel, I also found it in my Podcast player which is how I listen. You can hopefully find in your podcast player of choice.

The action moves fast, the characters well described and each step in the solo process is well explained. Season 1 is using Savage Worlds, which is also my favourite rpg system.

Later seasons use Ironsworn, Dominion, Five Parsecs from Home and there are also standalone episodes such as one on how to use Perilous Wilds random tables in your game.

Sub-Class Act With James Sral

I recently did an interview with James.

You never really know where a session of Sub-Class Act is going to lead you, which is part of the appeal.

James switches up systems regularly, from OSR games to Savage Worlds and D&D 5E to Warlock! There is also plenty of different oracles, emulators and random tables to be found.

There are several one-shots and 3 seasons to date

Season one is a genre hopping wild ride from the basics of solo. Season 2 is a more consistent feel in a fantasy world of eternal night.

Season 3 looks to be more sci-fi fantasy, starting with Traveller.

Find Sub-Class Act on Anchor or search in your player of choice.

The Lone Adventurer

The lone adventurer is by fellow Brit, Carl White. Starting off with Season 1 and Dungeons and Dragons 5e, with the interesting adventurers of artificer Mina (and companions) in a steam-punk feeling setting. Season 2 is a hectic take on Blades in the Dark.

The podcasts usually have a section of entertaining narrative and then an explanation behind the rolls, rules and tables behind them.

Errant Adventures with Steve Morrison

The first season uses Starforged (an RPG built specifically for Solo Play), across the galaxy with use of tables from this game.

I've been impressed by the storytelling, following Tarquin across the galaxy. The pace and tone are consistent and there is tension in every episode.

The second season is Fantasy, using the Sword, the Crown and the Unspeakable Power. and Mythic Emulator. I look forward to listening to it.

Find out more about Errant Adventures here. Or search in your player of choice.

Die Alone: A Solo RPG Podcast

A little different to the others, each episode covers a different Solo Game, starting with Long Haul and the Wretched, onto Delve, Four against Darkness and Apawthecaria.

The episodes are relatively short and a good way to find out about a few different games if you'd like to expand your solo rpg horizons.

Find out more about Die Alone. Or search in Player of Choice.

Lonely TTRPG

Lonely TTRPG podcast looks at a different solo game each episodes, and does a playthrough of it too. A great way of finding out new solo games.

Other Mentions

  • Tale of the Manticore with Jon. It has far more drama than many of the other podcasts. On my list for a relisten
  • Solo Gaming EXP with Art is an interesting one, as it plays quite different games. The first season is a playthrough of the gamebook Valley of Bones, first of the Legendary Kingdoms. Season 1.5 is about bears with Honey Heist. Season 2 plays through something in the modern era.
  • And Honourable Mentions to the Magpies (for making sense in Blades in the Dark) and 3d6 Down the Line (for introducing to Dolmenwood and showing what OSR can look like)

Finishing Up

I may come back to update the list or make another one in the future.

Any more solo actual play podcast recommendations welcome!