Random Table PDF Titles for Horror
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Random Table PDF Titles for Horror

Duncan Thomson

Here we are looking at pdf and book titles for Horror on Drive Thru RPG.

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Starting Points

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Titles with random tables for all types of horror, modern to fantasy.

Horror adventures cover stories of urban fantasy with vampire, investigators of Call of Cthulu, adventurers caught in dark realms such as Ravenloft and classics such as full moons, the evil that comes at night and cheesy horror films.

There is also a Generators Guide for Horror.

Major Titles

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Some PDFs are much larger and comprehensive.

Horror Mega-Bundle from Grinning Skull The Teratogenicon Dark Fantasy Everything Bundle Grammar Fuel: Horror Dread Thingonomicon

Free and Pay What You Want Options

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If you like pdfs and random tables then there are some options. And where you find one you might find more...

100 Dark and Spooky Names 100 Spooky Yet Mundane Dungeon Encounters d100 Mundane Items (for Mörk Borg)

Smaller Titles

To find more related titles by a particular publisher the "Customers Who Bought This Title also Purchased" bar at the bottom of product description is useful.

100 Superstitions for a Fantasy Game 100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House Dark Fantasy Characters 100 Magic Weapons (Dark Fantasy) Ewen's Tables - Horror Stuff 100 Cursed Places for all Horror RPGs The Haunting of Home

Ravenloft and D&D

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D&D has a different slant on horror, and Curse of Strahd and Ravenloft are popular settings.

Encounters in the Mists - Additional random encounters for Dungeon Masters Ravenloft Tables: Random Tables for Your Gothic Horror Games Spooky Encounters - Random Tables on DM's Guild Spooky One-Shot Adventures for Horror and Halloween

Final Mentions

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Last are...

Weird Shit Generator The Book of Random Tables: 1920s-1930s The Cthulu Alphabet

Finishing Up

This will get updated in the future, but leave a comment with other titles if you have one to share.