What Random Tools Help Create Atmosphere in Horror Games?
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What Random Tools Help Create Atmosphere in Horror Games?

Duncan Thomson

Generators for Vampires and Ghosts, Witches and Zombies! All you need for Horror and Halloween.

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Starting Points for Horror and Halloween

pdfs | characters | places & undead | vampires & monsters | witches

This is a guide to generators you can use for a Horror or Halloween themed evening, adventure, one-shot or campaign. Themes I'd associate with horror are night, spirits, the undead, fear, the unknown and our inner doubts

Horror adventures cover stories of urban fantasy with vampire, investigators of Call of Cthulu, adventurers caught in dark realms such as Ravenloft and classics such as full moons, the evil that comes at night and cheesy horror films.

Related generator guides include dark fantasy and ravenloft & DnD horror. Tools supporting a post-apocalyptic theme are found in the Post Apocalyptic Generators Guide

For random table pdfs and titles try the PDF Guide for Horror.

Creepy PDFs

pdfs | characters | places & undead | vampires & monsters | witches

For PDFs to use there is Ewen's Tables - Horror Stuff or try something from Grinning Skull's Horror Mega-bundle

If you play D&D then you might enjoy my Spooky Encounter Tables

Ewen's Tables - Horror Stuff Horror Mega-Bundle from Grinning Skull Spooky Encounters - Random Tables on DM's Guild

Characters for Horror and Halloween

pdfs | characters | places & undead | vampires & monsters | witches

Faceless Ghost, Spirit Faun, Monster Golem, Corrupted Harpie, Skeleton Cyborg

...from Halloween Costume Ideas at Fantasy Name Generators

There is a selection of B-Movies you can try or write a plot for. And a Horror text generator for general inspiration.

We have some general Evil Name, or try something more Cthulu or Lovecraftian sounding. For truly great evil Evil Clown Names

Maybe you just want a Horror Creep or Monster Person. Both also list many other horror-related generators from springhole.net

Then there are some Harry Potter Characters

Horror Creeps at Springhole

Haunted Places and Undead

characters | places & undead | vampires & monsters | witches | pdfs

Belong to long gone race, sees current folk as invaders and murderers

...from Reasons to Haunt a Place at Chartopia

Monsters might linger in a Haunted House or Ghost Town.. And you can generate a model of your perfect mansion

Then we have some Graveyard Names where the undead might be found. Other locations include Ruined City Maps and Creepy Places.

The last thing worth checking out is work the Nightmare machine, haunted places and haunted faces from the real world generated by artificial intelligence.

Spirits haunt these places so give them Ghost Names and . Ghosts are often the victims or givers of curses, so here are Curse Names. There is also a full Ghost generator

Zombies are another popular horror creatures, so start off your zombie horde with Zombie Descriptions and then add More Zombies. You may wish to classify them by Zombie Type. If you are feeling apocalyptic try the Apocalypse Generator

Vampires and Other Monsters

pdfs | characters | places & undead | vampires & monsters | witches

This energetic vampire has narrow blue eyes that are like two sapphires. His fine, wavy, brown hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a lionfish's spines. He is tall and has a graceful build. His skin is pale. He can command his body parts, even if they are severed. He subsists on the blood of other vampires. His outfits are usually gray.

From full vampire description at 7th Sanctum

Vampires are found across genres, often found in cities. We have gens for Vampire Names, Clan Names and How Your Character Became a Vampire.

Springhole has an detailed Character-Driven Vampire and there is a Goth Sounding Vampire Name Generator.

For werewolves lurking in the wilds try Werewolf Name and Werewolf Packs.

Or how about naming a Demon and having a Demon Description to go with it. For greater danger try one a 100 demons lords

Our last monsters are Eldritch Horrors and the star of Halloween, the Jack O'Lantern

Witches and Mad Scientists

pdfs | characters | places & undead | vampires & monsters | witches

A large lapis lazuli charm with a scimitar on the front and crows and an axe on the back

... from Charms Generator at Chaotic Shiny

There are more to witches than stereotypical black cats and broomsticks.

Start with a Witch Name or maybe a Necromancer Name. Then they might be part of a Coven or Cabal. You might interrupt their Dark Ritual or find them handing out Tarot Cards.

For an alternative take try Mad Scientists in their Laboratory performing their experiments.

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