Space Fantasy and Science Fantasy - Generators Guide
Space Fantasy Generators Guide Spelljammer

Space Fantasy and Science Fantasy - Generators Guide

Duncan Thomson

A guide to random tools for Space Fantasy or Science Fantasy. With sections for starting points, tools, pdfs extra tools and maps.

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Starting Points

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Space Fantasy and Science Fantasy are relatively rare among the genres for Roleplaying Games. A mix of fantasy and science fiction elements.

But Troika!, Starfinder, Spelljammer, Bastionland and other rpgs fit this mould . And maybe even Star Wars!

Related Guides includes Space/Science Fantasy PDFs, the Sci-Fi Random Gens Guide and Generators Guide for Fantasy.

Space Fantasy Tools

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This list is pretty sparse for now.

Start with Shrike Glimpses - Skyship Journey Tapestries.

Starfinder has Starfinder Tools for all things Starfinder providing a broad range of generators for helping your space fantasy.

Other mentions for

Random PDFs

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There is a fair amount out there, as this genre is suited for odd situations that often arise from random tables.

Book of Random Tables - Space Fantasy Sidequest Decks: Science Fantasy Stars Without Number Lifeform Maker Troika

Space Fantasy Other Tools

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Magic symbols feature in supernatural and planar travel, so there is a Sigil Generator from watabou, who also has a basic Rune GeneratorAnd ciacodavi has a Magic Circle generator with arcane patterns. Lastly the Sigil Engine will create a sigil depending on what you enter.

Also needs filling out, but mentions for

Science Fantasy Maps

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This is a pretty open topic, as Science Fantasy and Space Fantasy can cover so many settings.

For now take a look at the Map Tools articles, with noteworthy ones including Maps for Otherworldly Fantasy and 31 Days of RPG Maps Gens.

This is one that will be updated and expanded in the future.

Science Fantasy Tool Recommendations

I'll come back and update the Guide so send me any recommendations for tools, tables and pdfs.

If you liked these there are Generators at Chaos Gen and a monthly random tools Newsletter. Or find us on the Rand Roll Discord or an instagram of Random Tables.