Generators Guide for Fantasy
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Generators Guide for Fantasy

Duncan Thomson

An in-progress guide to Fantasy, currently covering treasure, potions and maps and  pointing at other guides such as fantasy city and fantasy seas. Worldbuilding, characters and other sections still to come...

Fantasy Env Guides - city | rural | wilds | dungeon  | sea | planes

[Image from Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator]

Starting Points

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Fantasy is the most popular genre for roleplaying games, and there are several guides existing for different parts of fantasy, including:

But some aspects cross through all of fantasy, including treasure, characters, world-building, dark fantasy and other areas.

Random PDFs

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Pulling from the more detailed Random Table Titles for Fantasy,  we have

Great Book of Random Tables Tome of Adventure Design (revised) 100 Riddles for Fantasy 1001 Encounter Generator - Fantasy Wilderness GM Gems


start | pdfs | treasure | maps | potions

The Hellish Scrolls of Phosoli, a set of scrolls bound by leather cords. When first opened, it unleashes an ominous howl

...from ancient tomes at donjon.

Many adventurers are most interested in the treasures that can be found in dungeons, especially coins or crystals and gems from Springhole. And art from Chaotic Shiny

For an option without magic items, 5th DnD's treasure tool returns 4 sizes of loot at once, from "minor personal loot" to "treasure hoard". For more specific items generate arcane tomes, magic rings and potions

Then DnD Speak has interesting books, fantasy drugs and rare art objects

For other items try ordinary items and more books from Cosmic Peril Adventure, and artifacts, charms,  weapons from Chaotic Shiny

Roll for Fantasy has a sophisticated tool for random loot generation is a (example below).

Fantasy Maps

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The place to start is Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator by Azgaar. It has a many features and options for creating new continents, including names by culture, biomes, canvas size, number of towns and which elements to show. The maps can be edited and saved, parts can be regenerated and configured and style elements changed. There is also an option to use it offline with some reduced features.

Donjon has The Fantasy World Generator, making a hex overlayed map with terrain, castles, cities and ruins. The Fractal World Generator will make you a global map (with filters).  And the Fantasy Town Generator creates settlements of various sizes with winding layouts.

Hexroll is a standalone generator that creates a hex-grid map with various terrains and marked location. Each map has encounters, settlements, npcs, dungeons and factions.

Watabou has Perilous Shores which generates realms with a few marked locations. There are several options to show and hide elements such as cities, hex overlay and forest type. Also known for Medieval Fantasy City Generator which has options for rerolling parts of the city, what legends to display, city size, features to include and number of roads. Cities can also be viewed in City Viewer.


start | pdfs | treasure | maps | potions

Potions are an important part of many fantasy experiences. The first generator to cover is the Potion Shop at the Magic Gurll! site. For decent generators, Geek Native has a Random Potion Generator,

D4 Caltrops has One Hundred Unconventional Potions with unique effects and Dnd Speak has a Random Potion Generator, combining effects from a few 1d100 tables. Fantasy Name Generators has generators for Potion Names and Potion Descriptions.

5th has Potions for D&D, as does Here Be Taverns with a Potion Generator within it's magic items section for 5E. Donjon also has a Shop for D&D 5E Potions.

Fantasy Tool Recommendations

I'll come back and update the Guide so send me any recommendations for tools, tables and pdfs.