Generators Guide to Fantasy Hinterlands, Villages and Farms
Generators Guide Fantasy Hinterlands

Generators Guide to Fantasy Hinterlands, Villages and Farms

Duncan Thomson
Population: Approximately 250; primarily human, some elf.
Government: Olimland is governed by a council of elders, led by a male human named Wine.
Notable Places: Lynsell's Pottery: The workshop of a male human potter named Brewis Lynsell, who was once a great wizard, but...

A guide to random tools for 'civilised' lands outside of cities. With sections for villages, farms, details, pdfs and maps.

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[Image and details from from Donjon Fantasy Town Generator (hamlet version)]

Starting Points

pdfs | rural tools | rural details | maps

While cities get most of the adventure attention, farmland and villages are also places for potential adventure. Especially on the borderlands.

Livestock thieves, marauding monsters, rural cults, faerie curses, raiding bands, ruthless bandits, traveling circuses...

For the moment I've found generators for farms, villages and related things.

Related Guides includes Hinterlands PDF Titles, Hinterlands Maps and Hinterlands RPG Resources. Plus Fantasy Generators for Cities .

March 2024 - Added more generators

Random PDFs

pdfs | rural tools | rural details | maps

Starting with Pink Dice Bag Publishing which has a Farm Generator including tables for residents, buildings, livestock and crops.

The Village Generator for Dungeon Scum and other games has tables for the village and its inhabitants, but also for looming threats and it's place in the world. From Nordic Weasel Games

Fantastical Ideas for Rural Encounters has 60 detailed encounters for from John Paget Games.

Lastly Edge of the Wilds from True Mask Games has 100+ scenarios for rural adventures in 54 pages.

Farm Generator Village Generator for Dungeon Scum and other games Fantastical Ideas for Rural Encounters Edge of the Wilds - 100+ scenarios for rural adventures!

Rural Tools

pdfs | rural tools | rural details | maps

Village of Hornbridge

A broad tree-lined trail takes you down to a picturesque, smoke-filled, village. You see colorful homes with wood shingled roofs. The structures are mixed together with animal pens. Folks are shovelling manure in the garden, and several villagers argue over a transaction. The sound of fighting is coming from a tavern over by the well, called Cropshare's Hall.

From the village generator at at

For complete villages Donjon can produce them many at a time with the village version of the towns and cities generator.

Fantasy Name Generators can give a farm description to give a fully fleshed out farm. It also has related descriptions for Castles, Garden, Forest and Plants for rural adventures.

Monsters and Manuals blog also has a series of random tables for detailing a village.

If making a overland journey, OMGM has a Travel Generator, with terrain hex for each day

Farm Description from Fantasy Name Generators

Rural Adventure Details

pdfs | rural tools | rural details | maps

A shepherd with a dozen sheep. He keeps insisting that all the sheep are his and keeps looking over his shoulder.

from 100 Travelers You Meet on the Road at DnD Speak. Plus 100 Medieval Village Notable Features.

For villagers Kassoon has an NPC Generator which can create commoners with a description, personality and motivation using 5E D&D races.

For names in your rural adventures Fantasy Name Generators has all sorts of Farms, Roads, Crops, Fruit & Veg, Wines and Rivers. For livestock try names of Pigs, Horses, Cows, and Sheep

For Magical Legend Ponies from 7th Sanctum find horses and ponies as livestock and npcs at 7th Sanctum

Watabou has a visual generator that produces Wreaths

For more unusual names Farm Name Generator at the Story Shack will create names such as "Talking Trees Vineyard" and "Lonely Oak Estate".

At Chartopia is Good Festivals for villages.

Last for fantasy village names I've made Fantasy Settlement Names at Chaos Gen.

NPC Gen (Commoner) at Kassoon

Rural Maps

pdfs | rural tools | rural details | maps

The first dedicated village map generators is the Village Generator by Watabou which includes fields and outlying buildings.

The Medieval Village Map Generator at Kassoon has a different style showing every tree and is supplemented by the Hamlet Map Generator for really small settlements. They include extra features for supporters.

For something different Dave's Mapper can make tile-based village maps.

Lastly Donjon's Fantasy Town Generator can make Villages, Thorps and Hamlets with accompanying details.

Watabou's Village Generator

Rural Tool Recommendations

I'll come back and update the Guide so send me any recommendations for tools, tables and pdfs.

If you liked these there are Generators at Chaos Gen and a monthly random tools Newsletter. Or find us on the Rand Roll Discord or an instagram of Random Tables.