Resources for RPG Adventures  in Fantasy Hinterlands
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Resources for RPG Adventures in Fantasy Hinterlands

Duncan Thomson

Continuing the series on fantasy environments started with Sea, this time its Hinterlands!

This was a struggle to find references for so going to come back soon! Also first version so will cycle back to update it!

Hinterlands Basics

Hinterlands are every part of "settled lands" that exists outside of cities and large urban areas. So farmlands, roads, mining towns, market towns, pastureland and outlying villages.

They are places of livestock herds, crop fields, travellers, merchant caravans and rural life.

They are often part of a fantasy campaign, but rarely the focus of them. Challenges might include livestock thieves, marauding monsters, rural cults, faerie curses, raiding bands, ruthless bandits and traveling circuses.

I've yet to find many RPGs focused on Hinterlands.

Sea Resources on Rand Roll

On Rand Roll there's...

Media, Books, Films

For fantasy books with a hinterlands theme try...(links to follow!)

  • First part of the Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkein (book!)
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho with a shepherd in rural Spain
  • The Rigante Series by David Gemmell, based on highlands of Scotland

Films and Series (IMDB links). Hmm still searching for these as a struggle!

  • Last of the Summer Wine in Yorkshire!
  • Dallas!
  • Hot Fuzz, which gives some idea of life in rural England (kinda!)
  • The Vicar of Dibley, comedy of a new vicar in a rural village
  • Father Ted, a trio of catholic priests in rural Ireland

Published Adventures

For published adventures and settings there's...(links to follow)

  • Against the Cult of the Reptile God!
  • The old Village of Hommlett
  • Many low level adventures set in smaller out of the way places!

Finishing Up

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