Resources for RPG Adventures  in Fantasy Seas
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Resources for RPG Adventures in Fantasy Seas

Duncan Thomson

Since splitting the fantasy environments into six sections, it's time to cover each one in a bit more detail!

This is first version so will cycle back to update it!

Seas Basics

Fantasy seas are places of pirates and swashbuckling adventure, storms, shipwrecks, exploration, islands, sea monsters and endless ocean.

Many people like the idea of a sea-based campaign, but they aren't always easy to run!

Within the sea itself you have most people envisaging something on board a ship. But there's also under the water, and the busy docks, in a fishing village, on a beach, in a storm, on islands or cliffs.

Adventurers with access to a ship and maybe a crew have the freedom to go many places, and a sense of control.

RPGs include 7th Sea (2nd Edition) from Chaosium and the Daydreamer Solo RPG: Pirates of Low Waters.

Sea Resources on Rand Roll

On Rand Roll there's...

Media, Books, Films

For five fantasy books with a naval theme try...(goodreads links)

Films and Series (IMDB links). Other contenders included Godzilla, Moby Dick and Little Mermaid

Published Adventures

For published adventures and settings there's...

  • Ghosts of Saltmarsh (2019) from Wizards of the Coast for 5E and 3rd party titles for these on DM's Guild.
  • The original Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (1981) for AD&D 1st Edition, first in a trilogy of sea-themed adventures.
  • Tales of Freeport, an anthology of adventures from Green Ronin for the Freeport setting.
  • Then there's 7th Seas (1st Ed) and 7th Sea (2nd Ed) from Chaosium, settings of pirates and swashbuckling.

Finishing Up

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