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Digital and Physical Titles for Fantasy Solo RPGs

Duncan Thomson

Here we are looking at pdf and book titles for Solo RPGs for Fantasy on DriveThruRPG

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Starting Points

major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

Fantasy is the most popular genre of roleplaying games. And there are many options for playing solo fantasy games! Where it is open adventure, hexcrawl, minatures or some other option.

This complements the main Solo Titles Guide.

Solo RPGs is the art of playing a tabletop roleplaying game on your own. You are player, gamesmaster, worldbuilder, narrator and audience.

Other guides with Solo sections include Fantasy Dungeon Solo Titles, Fantasy Wilderness and Hexcrawls and Fantasy Sea Solo PDFs.

Jun 2024: Guide Created.

Major Fantasy Solo Titles

major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

Some PDFs are much larger and comprehensive.

Ironsworn DM Yourself - solo roleplay for 5e, D&D and OSR adventures GM's Apprentice Fantasy Deck The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox Four Against Darkness

Free and PWyW Solo Tools & RPGs

major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

If you like free (or pay-what-you-want) pdfs and random tables then there are some options. And where you find one you might find more...

  • Black Streams: Solo Heroes from Sine Nomine Publishing is a lightweight solo rpg written for running classic D&D adventures for a single character.
  • Micro Chapbook RPG Deluxe Core Rulebook from Micro RPG is a PWYW lightweight rpg that uses randomly generated adventures.
  • Worlds Without Number from Sine Nomine Publishing is a full rpg, but also has a free edition and many random tables to detail your world.
  • Rocket Dungeons from LunchBox RPG is an ultra light dungeon crawler built for solo play.
  • The Encounter Building Oracle Deck is a pay-what-you-want option from Eric Bright, with each card (of a 100-card deck) containing dice-rolls, oracle answers, events, objects and other information. There is also Encounter Building Cards: Locations,
  • From Solo Tabletop is GEMulator, a game master emulator for solo roleplaying games. The emulation is split into three phases, the campaign, the adventure and the campaign turn, simulating more of a campaign than other emulators.

Black Streams: Solo Heroes Micro Chapbook RPG 1001 Encounter Generator - Fantasy Wilderness Rocket Dungeons Encounter Building Oracle Deck GEMulator

Solo Emulators and Aids

major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

Solo tools that aren't fantasy but are excellent for solo and all genres.

Mythic Game Master Emulator 2nd Edition Motif Story Engine Solo Game Master's Guide The Quiet Year Tilt: A solo oracle Conjecture Roleplaying GM Emulator


major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

Decks of cards are useful for random choices and playing screenless or offline .

Pocket Lands: Kingdom Sidequest Decks: Fantasy Wilderness and Frontier Dungeon Builder's Deck Axebane's Deck of Many Dungeons Deck of Rumors - d100 City Hooks


major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

For solo games, wilderness can give you hexcrawls and sprawling adventures.

  • Hex Dek from Philip Reed Games has Hex Dek, Systemless Fantasy RPG Hexcrawl Cards with a deck of 50 double-sided cards, containing hexes, short description, extra info and random encounter table.
  • Atelier Clandestin has a Sandbox Generator with hex maps and tables for filling them with settlements, npcs, dungeons and other pieces of interest.
  • The Old Commander goes to Hexcrawl from Doppelganger Publishing is a fantasy mini-setting with tables for hexes in a hexcrawl wilderness setting.
  • Inifininm Game Studios has FlexTale Hexcrawl Atlas: Western Realm of Aquilae, with many hexmaps for wilderness terrains.
  • From Shielddice Studio is Hex-Worlds & The Domain Cartographer, a grid and system for creating hex-icon worlds.

Hex Deck Sandbox Generator The old commander goes to Hexcrawl FlexTale Hexcrawl Atlas: Cities & Roads: Western Realm of Aquilae Hex-Worlds & The Domain Cartographer

Alternative Solo Games

major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

Some solo games that aren't rpgs or just have some rpg elements.

  • Five Leagues from the Borderlands from Mophidius is a solo miniatures game where your warband explores a fantasy world.
  • A solo skirmish game is Frostgrave from Osprey Publishing, where you have a wizard and their warband exploring ruins of an magical city for treasure and secrets.
  • Delve: A Solo Map Drawing Game from Blackwell Games takes you on a journey below ground, drawing the horrors that a dwarven hold unearths in the depths.
  • For a pay-what-you-want option, Quill from Trollish Delver Games is "A Letter-Writing Roleplaying Game for a Single Player", exploring an rpg world through writing.
  • The Valley of Bones from Spidermind Games is the first in Legendary Kingdoms, an open-world gamebook series where you play a group of up to 4 adventurers.
  • With an Asian feel, Jungle Quest from Penguin Comics is one where every playthrough is different.

Five Leagues from the Borderlands Frostgrave Delve: A solo Map Drawing Game Quill: A letter writing rpg for a single player The Valley of Bones Jungle Quest

Solo Dungeons and Dragons Titles

major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

There are a couple of D&D solo titles in the major titles section, as well as these

  • From Guilherme Bento is the Solo Adventurer's Guide - D&D Solo Engine, a guide on how to play solo but in less than 25 pages.
  • Avalon's Solo Adventure System from Avalon Game Company is a system for playing a party of adventurers solo using 5e.
  • D&D Solo Adventure: Tables Of Doom also from 5E Solo Gamebooks has random tables to generate monsters, traps, clues, loot and other elements for solo adventures.
  • For something different, First Blush from Jonathan Ball and Beth Ball offers a pay-what-you-want one-on-one adventure, also suitable for solo play
  • Four Against Dungeons and Dragons from The Gamebook Adventurer is a free title which provides tools for converting D&D modules into Four Against Darkness adventures.
  • From Sine Nomine Publishing is Scarlet Heroes, an old-school rpg for solo, either as a standalone rpg or as an overlay for another game.

Solo Adventurer's Guide - D&D Solo Engine Avalon's Solo Adventure System D&D Solo Adventure: Tables of Doom First Blush Four Against Dungeons and Dragons Scarlet Heroes

Other Solo Titles

major fantasy titles | free | emulators | cards | hexcrawl | alt solo | dnd | other

Then there are a few other titles for solo that don't fit in other categories

  • Rangers of Shadow Deep from Mophidius is a solo (or co-op) game playing a group of rangers holding back the darkness of Shadow Deep.
  • For an in-depth solo dungeon RPG try D100 Dungeon by Martin Knight, with rules for chargen, combat, quests, downtime and dungeon tables to populate everything.
  • The Last Fighter#1 - The Tomb of Radus from Doppelganger Publishing is a complete solo game with map, monsters and treasures. They also have a whole category for Dungeons Solo titles.
  • For a nautical solo rpg, Doppelganger Publishing have Daydreamer solo RPG: Pirates of Low Waters. (it's a 29 page pdf / softcover, the Full-size preview seems to be best way to see what's inside)
  • Ironsworn: Delve from Shawn Tomkin is an expansion for Ironsworn (popular RPG for solo, built for solo). Dungeons and other dangerous adventure locations.

Rangers of Shadow Deep D100 Dungeon The Last Fighter #1 - The Tomb of Radux Daydreamer Solo RPG - Pirates of Low Waters Ironsword: Delve

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