Random Table PDFs for Fantasy City Environments
Fantasy City PDF Guides

Random Table PDFs for Fantasy City Environments

Duncan Thomson

Here we are looking at pdf and book titles for Fantasy Cities on Drive Thru RPG.

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Starting Points

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Fantasy Cities can look quite different, from typical King's Landing in Game of Thrones to the towers of Minas Tirith, to the sprawl of Ravnica on an entire world. From the spires of the island of Tar Valon to the ever-shifting fashions of Ankh-Morpork.

For some adventurers the city is a place to relax, resupply and network. To others it is the heart of their adventures. Temple politics, gang wars, dangers in the sewers, disappearances in the slums, fires in the noble quarter and whispers in the backstreets...

For a non-random title with information about cities there is City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities from Skirmisher Publishing (240 pages and not cheap).

Also of interest will be the Random Tools Guide for Fantasy Cities. Finally for more PDF titles try Random Table Titles for Fantasy.

Major Titles

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Some PDFs are much larger and comprehensive.

Spectacular Settlements GM's Miscellany: Urban Dressing (System Neutral Edition) Remarkable Shops & Their Wares Castle Oldskull - City State Encounters 1d100 City Hooks, Fantasy RPG Encounter Ideas Town Tables - The Games Master's Town Builder Handbook

Free and Pay What You Want Options

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If you like free pdfs and random tables then there are some options. And where you find one you might find more...

100 Town and City Names 1001 Encounter Generator - Rough Urban Fantasy Warehouse - d100 Town and City Builder The Transient Bazaar

Smaller Titles

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To find more related titles by a particular publisher the "Customers Who Bought This Title also Purchased" bar at the bottom of product description is useful.

100 Oddities for a Thieves' Guild 1d100 Plus Town Events 100 City Encounters & Adventure Hooks for all fantasy RPGs 100 Fantasy City Rumours and Mysteries 100 Low Fantasy Merchants 100 Rumours to Hear in a Town or Village

Other Titles

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Things that don't fit in the other categories.

Sidequest Decks: Political and Urban Fantasy Concept Cards - Urban Locations Fantasy City - Random Generator Collection City Modular Map Tools The Dark Mansion Map Cards Tables of Everyday Items

Finishing Up

This will get updated in the future, but leave a comment with other titles if you have one to share.

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