RPG Tools Guide to Fantasy Wilderness
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RPG Tools Guide to Fantasy Wilderness

Duncan Thomson
Flower. A giant flower that grows up to 13.8 feet (4.2 meters) tall, with petals that are generally green; each flower tends to be a variation of this colour. 3 to 5 medium-sized flowers grow on alternate sides up the length of the stem. Thin, turquoise leaves alternate on the stem.

A guide to random tools for fantasy wilds with sections for wild areas, details, pdfs and maps.

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[Image from Gozzys Wilderness Map Gen. Text from RanGen Plant Generator]

Starting Points

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Exploration is a large part of many fantasy rpgs, and the wilderness is a perfect place for it. Pristine forest, ancient mountains, endless savannah. There might be inhabitants in the wilds, but it's not settled lands...

Expect talking trees, wounded animals, land spirits, isolated hamlets, monster lairs, fey realms, overgrown ruins and gargantuan beasts...

On the Todo list is sections by different wilderness types!

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For PDFs try Random Table PDFs for Fantasy Wilderness.

Random PDFs

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From Raging Swan Press there is Campaign Backdrop: Forest & Woodlands with more titles for Hills & Mountain, Marsh & Swamp and Desert.  Each has wilderness dressing, encounters and settlement backdrops.

A Pay What You Want option is Encounter Generator - Wilderness from Never Engine with d100 tables for three levels of danger.

On DM's Guild there is Travel Skill Challenges and Non-Combat Encounters by Thom Martin with grassland, hills, forests and water-based terrains.

Campaign Backdrop: Forests & Woodlands Encounter Generator - Wilderness Travel Skill Challenges and Non-Combat Encounters

Wilds Tools

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A group of dwarven pilgrims travelling to the Kibarak Crags. They are bearing the body of a fallen companion.

From Wilderness Encounters Generator at donjon.

Fantasy Name Generators has a few Description tools for Wilderness, including Animals, Forests, Plant, and Treants.

Over at Oh My Games Master (OMGM) there is a Landmark Generator with options for many Wilderness areas including arctic, canyon, jungle, lake, volcano and wetland!

Wilds Details

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This low-growing plant has tiny feathery leaves.  It reproduces via clusters of orange five-petaled flowers.

From Random Plant Generator at Springhole.net

Wilderness is sprawling and varied, from glaciers to forest canyons to desert dunes and grassy plains.

Filling in the details at donjon there is a quick Wilderness Location generator.

At RanGen you'll find a Plant Generator with simple and detailed options. Plus a Journey Gen to estimate travel times...

For naming places in the wilderness Chaotic Shiny gives names such as "Rootsweep Tarn" and "Elelyac Wood" using both words and "nonsense" for names.

Over at Chaos Gen (my site) there are a number of wilderness generators, of which the most unique is probably Wilds Rumours and Plot Hooks.

Place Name Generator at Chaotic Shiny


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From 100 Interesting Forest Locations at DnD Speak, which also has a table for putting in some Art Installations

Get your Forest Names from Skeddles such as "Blackbrush Pines" and "Sourwood Grove", and find out what is in the forest

Forest Descriptions on Fantasy Name Generators gives lots of details about the forest. And also many names for the creatures inhabiting them.

brownies, centaurs, changelings, dryads, elves, ents / treants, fairies, faery courts, firbolgs, goblins, green dragons, nymphs, pixies, satyrs and fauns, selkies, sylphs

Plants and trees are at the heart of forest terrain, for which we have Plant Descriptions from springhole.net, Plant /Tree names at Fantasy Name Generators and Fantasy Plants at Chaos Gen (one of mine).

For maps with a good amount of tree try Gozzy's Wilderness Maps, which have a filter for the amount of foliage shown

Plains and Grassland

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Grasslands adventures can cover plains full of sprawling farmlands, steppes of horse nomads, grasslands of vast herds and endless savannah.

There is a dedicated section for plains-themed pdfs in the wilds pdf guide.

At Fantasy Names Generator is the grasslands names generator such as "Stonecarres Steppe" or "Eastern Grasshopper Prairie".  An alternative Grassland Names generator at The Story Shack has results such as "Niagamau Gardens" and "Dodown Range".

If you want creatures to fly or have a different appearance here is a pair of wings generator from Springhole.net.

There are also a few grassland / plains specific generators at Chaos Gen (my site)

Wilds Maps

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The best (and really only) Wilderness Map generator with battlemap capabilities is at Gozzys with toggles for streams, foliages, ruins and a path.

If you would like a small settlement Kassoon has a Hamlet Map generator which has options to customise it for supporters.

For a different scale HexTML is a map-maker for hex-based wilds. For the random option type "random" in the Search or look under settings where there is a Generate button.

Then Hexroll is another Hex-based wilderness area which creates an entire mapped campaign area. With notes, settlements, dungeons and factions for each hex using dnd creatures.

For something more unusual Unchartered Atlas on Twitter creates wilderness maps with labels every hour.

An online mapmaker - Hextml
Online hexmap maker and campaign manager for DnD and other RPG.
Hamlet Map Generator at Kassoon

Wilds Tool Recommendations

I'll come back and update the Guide so send me any recommendations for tools, tables and pdfs.

If you liked these there are Generators at Chaos Gen and a monthly random tools Newsletter. Or find us on the Rand Roll Discord or an instagram of Random Tables.