Back on Patreon for 2024 with New Projects
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Back on Patreon for 2024 with New Projects

Duncan Thomson

I'm back on Patreon! Support me if you like the articles on Rand Roll, generators on Chaos Gen or updates at reddit.

Below is a copy of my return post there

Back for 2024 with more Projects

I'm back on Patreon for 2024. I spent a lot of 2023 grinding out System-Neutral Fantasy random tables, on Fantasy Generators at Chaos Gen, Exploring Solo at Rand Roll and completing the Guides for PDFs and Tools.

And now it's time for some new challenges in 2024

I've already started 2024 with 31 Days of Generator Tools for January (and at Rand Roll if you don't use reddit), and there will be a new "Month of Gens" each month this year.

Those new projects include a solo emulator, generator updates for D&D 2024 edition, solo gamebook, new Chaos Gen tools, and support for British-style fantasy. I'll add more details to these in time.

Let me know if you've got any ideas or requests.

Landing Page Profile

And this is the updated landing page

I'm Duncan and love playing RPGs and creating tools for them

  • At Chaos Gen you'll find generators for System-neutral Fantasy and D&D.
  • At Rand Roll you'll find hundreds of random tables, solo rpg articles and interviews. Plus more than 30 guides for maps, random pdfs and generator tools.
  • At the rpg_generators subreddit I'm posting themed months of generators each day.
  • At, DriveThru RPG and DM's Guild I'm publishing PDFs, of which many of the tables appear on at Rand Roll

In 2024 I'm planning on (in addition to regular tools and tables)...

  • Do "Month of Generators" through all of 2024
  • Publishing a pay-what-you-want lightweight solo oracle
  • Add a section for British Dark Fantasy generators on Chaos Gen
  • Publishing a prototype for a Solo Gamebook, where you can go where you like
  • Update the 5E D&D Encounters Generator to the 2024 D&D edition
  • Add a third theme (Faerie) to Chaos Gen (adding to Spooky and Frost)

Finishing Up

So if you're a fan of what I'm doing, sign up to support Rand Roll, Chaos Gen and other endeavours.