Many guides on Rand Roll, each with related generators, random tables and pdfs.

Alternatively there is a list by most recently updated article.

Non-Fantasy Guides

  • Science Fiction tools including characters, spaceships, aliens, the stars, planets and plots
  • Horror with a modern take and gens for halloween, vampires, ghosts, mansions, witches, zombies, werewolves and other monsters
  • Post Apocalypse contains apocalypse basics, in the ruins, horrors and those left behind.
  • Cyberpunk has sections for characters, adventures, world, megacorporations, tech, mechs and martial arts
  • the Star Wars guide details names, characters, quests, planets and equipment

Fantasy Environments

  • Cities covers tools and maps for entire cities and filling out the details.
  • Dungeons covers maps, rooms, traps, doors, flavour and treasures
  • Dungeon Maps includes sections with rooms & corridors, caverns, mixed caverns & rooms and also dungeons with descriptions.
  • Hinterlands includes farmlands and villages with details for farming, travellers and livestock
  • Planes and Planeswalking includes realms beyond the one of mortals.
  • Seas and Pirates covers ships, pirates, sailors, the open sea and places.
  • Wilderness covers places beyond settled lands.

Other Fantasy

  • The DnD Tools Mega-Guide is slowly absorbing the other dnd 5e guides. Currently it covers Dungeons, Treasures and NPCs.
  • Dark Fantasy explores characters, items, creatures, atmosphere and bad things
  • Taverns and Inns ¬†looks at tavern & inn tools, detailed generators and pdfs
  • Pets with areas for pets, mounts, other companions, cats, dogs, horses and other pets.
  • Potions with tables, tools and pdfs.
  • Pathfinder 1E shows off tools for Pathfinder 1st Edition with Dungeons, traps, encounters, magic items, treasure, npcs, characters, names and Golarion.
  • Generators for Grasslands - Tools for Plains, Steppes and Prairie with D&D section
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay covering tools for the warhammer world including names, other character gen, encounters, items and taverns.
  • Generators for Solo RPGs - helping sites and oracles, adventure details plus systems and pdfs.
  • Forests and Fey and Witchlight - areas for forests, fey or woodland creatures, feywild & fairytale, foliage and pdfs