Many guides on Rand Roll, each with related generators, random tables and pdfs.

Alternatively there is a list by most recently updated article. And a Guide to Solo Gens.

Fantasy Guides

Non-Fantasy Guides

  • Science Fiction tools including characters, spaceships, aliens, the stars, planets and plots
  • Horror with a modern take and gens for halloween, vampires, ghosts, mansions, witches, zombies, werewolves and other monsters
  • Post Apocalypse contains apocalypse basics, in the ruins, horrors and those left behind.
  • Cyberpunk has sections for characters, adventures, world, megacorporations, tech, mechs and martial arts
  • Modern has covers '80s to now, with sections for modern tool, details and maps.
  • Space Fantasy and Science Fantasy covers a wide range that mixes fantasy and science fiction.

Other Fantasy

  • Dark Fantasy explores characters, items, creatures, atmosphere and bad things
  • Pathfinder 1E shows off tools for Pathfinder 1st Edition with Dungeons, traps, encounters, magic items, treasure, npcs, characters, names and Golarion.