Generators Guide to Worlds, Planes and Planeswalking
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Generators Guide to Worlds, Planes and Planeswalking

Duncan Thomson

Generators, tools and tables for Planes and Realms Beyond. First version!

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Disclaimer. I'm an affiliate for DM's Guild and DriveThru RPG and I also create a lot of products with random tables on DM's Guild..

Starting Points

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In most fantasy settings there are worlds and realms beyond that of mortals. It may be where the gods live, the dead go and monsters of nightmares arrive from.

Demonic creatures locked in the Abyss, a realm of dreaming, an Underworld like Hades where the dead reside. The Elemental Planes of D&D, the Realms of Chaos from Warhammer and the Astral Sea of Spelljammer are all more examples.

This forest and feywild guide has tools for Feywild and Fairy Tale

Random PDFs

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For pdfs with many random tables of other planes the Infinite Staircase or my Planar Encounter Tables on DM's Guild

Infinite Staircase Planar Encounters

Planes Tools

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You pass forward through the untried portal hidden high atop a mountain among a layer of clouds. You're immediately met by a vigorous world. Light as a feather you gently float above the surface, hanging gently in the thick smog that fills the air. A new world has literally opened up to you, vast expanses of new life ready to be explored. You can't wait.
A spectacular world welcomes you and you can't wait to explore it all. This world is an easy undertaking, but at the very least you should be able to survive for a week...

From Realm Descriptions at Fantasy Name Generators.

While donjon has a Worlds and Planes Generator including items such as "Resu: An abyssal plane of jagged peaks, poisoned lakes, and rusting battlefields. The plane is primarily populated by demons and trolls."

Planes Details

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Seven Ancestral Depths of Balance. Far Depths. Seventh Titanic

From Outer Plane generator at Seventh Sanctum.  

For weird magical effects there is also the Magic Phenomena at 7th Sanctum.

Fantasy Name Generators is good for details, with description generators for Angels, Demons, Magic Sources and name generators for Angels, Demons, Elementals, Gods, Fairies, and Realms

There are also Portals at Chaotic Shiny.

DnD Speak has Dreams that Mean Nothing, 100 Deities and their Domains,

Planes Maps

start | pdfs | planar tools | planar details | maps

I've yet to find any generators or tools for planar maps but I'll keep looking!

Planes Tool Recommendations

I'll come back and update the Guide so send me any recommendations for tools, tables and pdfs.