Map Generators for Otherworldly Fantasy
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Map Generators for Otherworldly Fantasy

Duncan Thomson

Map tools are good for envisioning other planes, but there are fewer of them. Here we take a look at map options for Fantasy Otherworldly.

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["planar mess" map from HexTML]

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Starting Points

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Otherworldly describes realms beyond the mortal one. Where spirits go in death, the realms of dream and faerie or maybe the elemental planes of earth, air, fire and water. The home of demons, genies, imps, and other creatures from outside of the material plane. Places of shadow and death, life and hope, chaos and order.

The maps to these realms will vary from place to place. Oftentimes there won't be a tool for you, so you might want to draw something or use a custom map editor.

There are related Otherworldly Guides for Fantasy Otherworldly Generators and Fantasy Otherworldly PDFs & Books.

Regular Otherworldly Maps

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There aren't many obvious maps for Otherworldly Fantasy. What we do have is...

For cave and other underground planes there's a Dungeon Maps Guide. Gozzys Cave Map Generator lets you create cave realms, including ones of ice.

For watery themed realms there's a Sea Maps Guide. The most watery of these is probably also has Perilous Shores by Watabou.

To make your own realms, Hextml can create a random map (using the Generate button in settings). It also lets you set hexes to terrains, symbols, colours, dungeon and your own images, giving enough variety to create a map for an otherworldly place.

Gozzy's Cave Map Generator with Icy style

Other Otherworldly Maps

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There is Fantasy Town Generator, which can generate all kinds of settlments. In the "Create New Settlement" option is a button for "All Settings". Here you can configure things that might make a settlement for another plane, such as the Races (maybe tiefling, ghost and half-demon), Landscape, Factions and Layout.

PDF Maps

otherworldly maps | other maps | pdf maps

Rounding out the digital maps are a couple paid for options in pdf form. There is also a guide to  Fantasy Otherworldly PDFs & Books.

Water Tiles Without Grid Pocket Lands: Frostlands Perils of the Endless Megadungeon - Caverns

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