Wilderness Fantasy Maps Generators for Outdoor Adventures and Hexcrawls
Map Tools Generators Guide Fantasy Wilds

Wilderness Fantasy Maps Generators for Outdoor Adventures and Hexcrawls

Duncan Thomson

Map tools are useful for Fantasy Wilderness. So here's a look at tools for all kinds of wilderness adventures.

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[map from mapgen 4]

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Starting Points

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Unchartered wilderness is the perfect place for a map to be useful. Or for a group to want to make a map. As wilderness is usually beyond the "civilised" lands, the maps available might show old ruins and fallen kingdoms.

There are also other strategies for using the maps, such as survival expeditions and old school hexcrawls.

There are related Wilderness Guides for Fantasy Wilds Generators and Fantasy Wilderness PDFs & Books.

Regular Wilderness Maps

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Starting with a hex-based template, HexTML is a hex-based map generator with a "generate" option (under the "Map settings" cog). That can then me edited as you wish.

Then Hexroll is another Hex-based wilderness area which creates an entire mapped campaign area. With notes, settlements, dungeons and factions for each hex using dnd creatures.

Generated raw hex terrain from Hextml

If you would like a small settlement Kassoon has a Hamlet Map generator which has options to customise it for supporters.

For smaller maps Mapgen4 from Red Blog Games has lots of filters and you can paint terrain types across the map. The site also has many resources for procedural map creation.

Other Wilderness Maps

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For a wilderness map at battlemat scale Gozzy has Gozzy's Wilderness Map Generator is the only option I've found so far.

Gozzy's Wilderness Clearing

Roll for Fantasy's Map Creator also has a "Random Map" button below the actual map.

Treasure maps can be a fun way to traverse the wilderness, with a text map at Darehart's. And an image-based treasure map at donjon.

More worldbuilding tool than just wilderness, Azgaar has Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator which has many filters and modes in the options section. Then donjon has a fractal Fantasy World Generator.

PDF Maps

wilds maps | other maps | pdf maps

Rounding out the digital maps are a couple paid for options in pdf form. There is also a guide to Fantasy Wilderness PDFs & Books.

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Recommendations Please!

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