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Dungeon and Cave Map Generators

Duncan Thomson

To enhance the Generators Guide to Dungeons I've taken a look at the map generators around.

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[map from gozzy's dungeon generator]

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Starting Points

basic dungeons | caves | dungeons & details | pdf maps

Dungeons were the initial focus of RPGs with Dungeons and Dragons, and they are still popular in the 2020's.

Use them solo, put your group through a D&D crawl, go full on OSR megadungeon or repurpose for a more modern take.

For creating generators, Grid Sage Games has a (fairly old) blog post on Procedural Map Generation. And there was a list of resources in a reddit post from 2022.

For a list of (non-random) free map resources there's Dyson's Map Archive.

There are related Dungeon Guides for Fantasy Dungeon Generators and Fantasy Dungeon PDFs & Books.

Jan 2024 - Added getting started section, updated maps.

Apr 2024 - Added and removed some map generators

Simple Dungeons

basic dungeons | caves | dungeons & details | pdf maps

Gozzys does a Dungeon Map Generator with "fancy rooms" (pictured below) and "simple sprawl" style.

Gozzy's Dungeon Map Generator

DunGen includes the scale for Roll20 (70 px) and the multi-level option for stairs or not.


Other mentions include

Cave and Cavern Maps

basic dungeons | caves | dungeons & details | pdf maps

Watabou has a Cave Generator with many options and water-covered areas highlighted.

Watabou's Cave Generator

Curufea's Random Cave map generator creates tile-based cave maps with features such as fungi and furniture. Choose size and randomness.

Curufea Cave Map Generator

Other mentions include

  • Gozzy's which has an excellent Random Cave Map Creator with lots of options to tamper with. In addition to the Dungeon One
  • Donjon has a Random Cavern Generator with options for size, grid and an exit
  • Dave's Mapper has a Cave Map Tile generator with options for size, rotating tiles and replacing them. Double click an artist for just one style.
  • Myth Weavers has a cave generator with options for size and grid size.

Dungeons with Details

basic dungeons | caves | dungeons & details | pdf maps

Donjon has several dungeon generators and the one for 5E has dungeon overview, a corridor key, wandering monsters and room descriptions. Other versions with description include Pathfinder, d20 and AD&D. All of them contain many options for customising the layout and its contents.

donjon 5e dungeon generator

Dizzy Dragon Games has an Adventure Generator with gives a descriptions, treasure and encounters with old school monsters.

Myth Weavers does a Dungeon Generator with room details and monsters for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

PDF Dungeon Maps

basic dungeons | caves | dungeons & details | pdf maps

Rounding out the digital maps are a couple paid for options in pdf form.

Digital and physical random dungeon map options.

Dungeon Builder's Deck Perils of the Endless Megadungeon - Series 1 Dungeons Dungeon Tiles: DM Essentials DungeonMorphs: Adventurer, Explorer and Spellunker

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