Fantasy Map Generators for Adventures at Sea
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Fantasy Map Generators for Adventures at Sea

Duncan Thomson

Map tools are useful for Fantasy Seas. So here's a look at tools for all kinds of seas, oceans, islands and ports.

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[map from watabou's perilous shores]

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Starting Points

sea maps | other maps | pdf maps

Sea voyages are full of tales with treasure maps or uncharted lands. Some sea adventures revolve around mapping island chains or other sea terrain. Others involve stealing valuable charts making a variety of terrain features for a bay or ocean. Islands, coasts, under the sea and across the ocean are all places that could contain maps.

There are related Sea Guides for Fantasy Sea Generators and Fantasy Sea PDFs & Books.

Major Sea Maps

sea maps | other maps | pdf maps

Watabou also has Perilous Shores which generates coastal and island maps. The settings include options for styles and generation such as "island", "coast", "archipelago" and "lake". The Medieval Fantasy City Generator is also from watabou and has an option for "coast" for a port settlement.

With Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, you can create continents or large sea areas, specifying the heightmap in the options section with settings such as "high island", "shattered", "volcanic island" and "shattered" among several others.

"Shattered" sea map from Azgaar's Map Generator

Donjon's Fantasy Town Generator has options (under Topography) for Island and Coastal, giving sea settlements and island cities.

Other Sea Maps

sea maps | other maps | pdf maps

For smaller maps Mapgen4 from Red Blog Games has lots of filters and you can paint terrain types across the map. The site also has many resources for procedural map creation.

Roll for Fantasy's Map Creator also has a "Random Map" button below the actual map. There is a large mix of sea, small islands and larger areas.

The Settlement Generator at 7Tools has an option for "Coastal" Environment type, for port cities and island villages. And many details

7Tools Coastal Village

PDF Maps

sea maps | other maps | pdf maps

Rounding out the digital maps are a couple paid for options in pdf form. There is also a guide to  Fantasy Sea PDFs & Books.

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