Fantasy Map Generators for City Adventures and Campaigns
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Fantasy Map Generators for City Adventures and Campaigns

Duncan Thomson

Many are interested in map tools for their campaigns. So here we look at ones for Fantasy Cities.

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[map from donjon's town generator]

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Starting Points

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Fantasy Cities are well suited to maps, with people interacting with maps for cities regularly in the real world. But making your own can take a long time, while generating one and then fitting your city to that can be a lot easier.

There are related City Guides for Fantasy City Generators and Fantasy City PDFs & Books.

Entire City Maps

city maps | other maps | pdf maps

The most well known map tool is Watabou's Medieval Fantasy City Generator which makes beautiful maps (like the one from the cover).

One of the most complete tools is Fantasy Town Generator which creates a map with neighbourhoods but also all of the citizens, and where each one is at any time of day!

Fantasy Town Generator

Another map generator is Donjon's Fantasy Town Generator which creates settlement maps of any size with a few details and npcs.

Inkwell Ideas has an older Random City Map Generator, where you can specify details of East, West and South sections.

Other City Maps

city maps | other maps | pdf maps

For smaller scale maps Kassoon has House Maps with plans. As well as Town (and City) Generator.

7Tools has a Settlement Generator which is slightly different, creating many details around a city, and including a map as part of that. The map can be expanded and details generator for each building in the settlement.

Showing details and options to gen buildings of the town of Blade Point

Dave's Mapper also has tile based cities with many different artists.

For Taven and maps gens there is inn and tavern maps at Inkwell Ideas. It has filters for different levels, cellar, privy and more. More taverns at Here Be Taverns and each one having a multi-level map included.

Then Watabou has a Procgen Mansion Generator and if you click P it will shift to a Floor Plan mode. On mobile click the mansion map and select 'Floor Plan' near the bottom of the options.

PDF Maps

city maps | other maps | pdf maps

Rounding out the digital maps are a couple paid for options in pdf form. There is also a guide to City random PDFs and Books.

City Modular Map Tools The Dark Mansion Map Cards

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