Random Table Titles: Solo For D&D (all editions)
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Random Table Titles: Solo For D&D (all editions)

Duncan Thomson

Here we are looking at pdf and book titles for other planes and otherworldy adventures on DriveThru RPG.

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Starting Points

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Solo RPGs is the art of playing a tabletop roleplaying game on your own. You are player, gamesmaster, worldbuilder, narrator and audience.

Dungeons and Dragons has been around for around 50 years, and this guide looks at option with helping play all editions, from D&D 5e back to 3.5, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Basic and Expert and all other flavours. And then the retroclones and other D&D-like games powering OSR.

Other guides include DM's Guild titles, the Complete Solo PDFs Titles. And an honourable mention to the D&D Generators Megaguide.

Major Solo Titles

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Many products with random tables are good for Solo play, but these are specifically for solo games

The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox Solo Adventurer's Guide - D&D Solo Engine DM Yourself - solo roleplay for 5e, D&D and OSR adventures Avalon's Solo Adventure System D&D Solo Adventure: Tables of Doom Old School Solo

Free and PWyW Solo Pdfs

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If you like free (or pay-what-you-want) pdfs and random tables then there are some options. And where you find one you might find more...

Black Streams: Solo Heroes Nerzugal's Dungeon Master Toolkit

Other Solo Titles Related for D&D

titles - major | free & pywy | other

Then there are a few other titles for solo that don't fit in other categories, but are dnd solo related or give something to get/help the experience

  • Delve: A Solo Map Drawing Game from Blackwell Games takes you on a journey below ground, drawing the horrors that a dwarven hold unearths in the depths.
  • For something different, First Blush from Jonathan Ball and Beth Ball offers a pay-what-you-want one-on-one adventure, also suitable for solo play
  • Four Against Darkness from Ganesha Games is a solitaire dungeon-delving game where you control a party of four adventurers. Related titles include Four Against the Abyss (higher level) and Alone Against Fear (horror)

Delve: A solo Map Drawing Game First Blush Four Against Darkness

More Generators

This will get updated in the future, but leave a comment with other titles if you have one to share.

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