Solo RPGs Generators Guide

A Guide to Generators for Solo RPGs

Duncan Thomson

Tools, oracles, resources fand systems for solo rpgs. This is a big topic so starting with some simple lists.

Disclaimer. I'm an affiliate for DM's Guild and DriveThru RPG. I also create a lot of products with random tables on DM's Guild..

Starting Points with Solo RPGs

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Solo gaming has risen in popularity with enforced confinement of the epidemic.

A few places to find out the basics

The r/Solo_Roleplaying subreddit is also worth mentioning. Along with a list of Solitaire Tools & Systems

A few Podcasts to start include

  • Errant Adventures with Steve Morrison is a solo campaign starting with Starforged in Season 1. (link varies with podcast app)
  • Sub-Class Act is a playthrough of shortish campaigns and one-shots using a variety of systems, oracles and resources. (link varies with podcast app)
  • Tale of the Manticore with Jon is part solo play and part dramatic storytelling. Dark fantasy with mature content. (link varies with podcast app)
  • Die Alone A solo RPG podcast covering a different system each time.

Sites and Oracles to Help

starting | oracles | tools | systems

  • Solo Engine has quests, oracles, NPCs, locations, traps and combat foes

  • GM's Apprentice gives lots of information (dice rolls, odds, events, senses, icons) at once, refreshing all on a re-roll. Plus more gens for oracles, urban, npc, trap etc

  • WebGM, which is open source, so you can join in the contributions. It has quick options for rolling dice and all kinds of elements in a game (names, animals, events etc)

  • RPG Solo has oracles, different genres and lots of buttons for getting answers to questions. Plus a mobile version

  • Mythic RPG is written to have no GM (so is good for solo), and Black Magic is one of the tools supporting it.

  • Soloist is a game assistant also has generators for names, characters and adventure seeds.

  • Zero Dice can roll dice to give results in images, playing cards, runes, d6, d10 and fate dice.

Detailing Your Adventures

starting | oracles | tools | systems

A few popular site with gens useful for Solo Play include

Systems and PDFs

starting | oracles | tools | systems

For systems to try I had a brief look at 4 Places to Start with Solo

And a longer list includes

Solo Recommendations!

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest generators in the comments or on my Discord server