British RPG Resources
British RPGs

British RPG Resources

Duncan Thomson

A list of British gaming and rpg-themed resources, including random creators.

This is an ongoing list so it will get periodically updated.

Sections that need adding include What is British Fantasy, Communities, British Random Creators, Podcasts.

British RPG Resources

I'm from the UK and grew up amidst Games Workshop and other british games that contrasted with D&D and other games. Now I'm exploring the British gaming heritage with a list of some resources.

Random Stuff

UK Games Expo, an annual gaming event in Birmingham which is among the largest in the world.

Cubicle 7, the games company who have published WFRP 4E, Doctor Who and many other RPGs.

Finishing Up

I'll see if I can make room for more in the next update. Springing to mind include...

Talisman. Heroquest. Advanced Heroquest, Space Crusade, the Fighting Fantasy Books, Lone Wolf Gamebooks.