English Eerie Journal Solo: Starting Scenes - Woes on the Moor
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English Eerie Journal Solo: Starting Scenes - Woes on the Moor

Duncan Thomson

Commencing with part one of a three part scenario for journalling solo game English Eeriehe Following on from the Game Intro and Char Gen

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Journalling Start

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This is my first time journalling fiction, without it being notes for a solo rpg game. I regularly journal, but it's a daily journal with thoughts and plans and randomness.

The first thing I've found is atmosphere. Or lack of it in my case.

For horror it helps to be writing at night, and probably without a screen. The best I got was the first couple scenes, which were done alone at night using a laptop for the rules and typing up scenes at the same time. The other scenes were completed around midday, as I'd left it too late to have time free of an evening!

To get screenless I need to print out a copy of the rules. Then I can handwrite with a single light. I'm not sure I can do an open flame, as I've always had a slight fear of an open flame in a room causing a fire!

But the actual writing was fairly straightforward. I've no idea if it makes a good read, and horror isn't something I normally read or write or take delight in, but I'm giving it a go.

Plus I've also been lost on the Moors before, although there were no beasts around.

Writing for English Eerie

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English Eerie has lots of prompts for writing entries.

Each scenario has a list of possible characters, then suggestions for clues, environmental obstacles and secondary character obstacles.

And a list of three Tensions that are used when the Grey Lady is revealed at the end of each section.

The cards work well enough so far, revealing obstacles, clues and mishaps for the cast.

For me it's been enough go to write some entries, although I'm visualising it as somewhere on Dartmoor instead of in Derbyshire.

I'll leave most of my thoughts for parts 2 and 3.

Scenes of the Beast on the Moor

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March 7th, 1907, Morning (First Entry)

A most strange start to my week. I arrived yesterday at Cunningham House to see my good friend Felix, or Lord Cunningham to most. But he's gone stark raving mad, I swear!

I couldn't say that to his face, so had to listen to his unlikely tales of lights on the moor, a shape stalking his window and other such tosh.

A few whiskies got him to calm down, and we agreed we'd go to church this morning, a rare experience for both of us.

Hopefully he'll be well enough to show me the old guns in the afternoon, as that's what I'm here for. I've decided to stay all week as it is, to make sure old Felix is feeling his old self by the end of it!

March 7th, 1907, Evening (7 of Hearts, Resolve 3, Spirit 7)

Oh what a torrid day! Felix and I went to a service at the village church this morning, and the walk and talk seemed to cheer him up a little.

Then this afternoon he goes off for a walk on his own, to his father's grave. Well next I know Miss Enfield's scream brings me out of my papers and I rushed downstairs.

If it's only Felix, collapsed and bleeding on the front steps. Well Mr Douglas, the butler, calmed the maid, while Mrs Bristle helped me with his wounds.

There was a deep wound in his leg, and we put him in a sofa to do what we could. We sent Mr Douglas to summon a doctor as soon as possible, but it's a long way out here on the Moor.

Looks like some animal bit him, most probably a wild dog. No doubt there's a few of them on the moor. We fixed him up as best we could, and looks like he'll survive.

He came to as we moved him to his room, talking about red eyes staring at him.

Poor fellow! Hope that doctor gets here soon...

March 7th, 1907, Night (6 of Hearts, Resolve 3, Spirit 7)

Hard to go to sleep now, what with what's going on. Starting to get worried now.

Mr Douglas never made it to find a doctor. He came back after dark, trembling and clutching his hand, not saying much. Looks like he was bitten too, not as bad as poor Felix.

But it his bluster that's all gone. Staring at shadows, talking about a beast, waiting out there. No good to anyone.

Hopefully he's got a grip on himself this morning. Mrs Bristle is looking after two patients now, bless her. But Miss Enfield is in a right stat. She can't be more than twenty, expect she'll be gone first chance she's got.

March 8th, 1907, Morning

Off to find the doctor and I'm taking one of Felix's guns with me for good measure.

March 8th, 1907, Afternoon (4 of Spades, Resolve 3, Spirit 7))

Well I found the doctor, a rude man called Dr Chard. Told me there's been some beast up in the moors for generations. Or at least tales of one.

He looked over Felix, left some instructions for his injuries, but wouldn't guess at what caused them. Told us to keep Mr Douglas busy, and seemed worried by his hand.

Said he couldn't visit again as he had to head upcountry. Think he's scared.

Can't blame him, had a fright myself this morning. It was a heavy mist out on the moors, and I heard a couple of howls up there. Not quite a dog. There was something almost... human about it.

Sounded like it came from the barren hill up the valley. Not sure it's name, but the locals call it Grim Tor.

There's something strange here.

March 8th, 1907, Afternoon (5 of Clubs, Resolve 3, Spirit 7)

God have mercy! Everyone is losing it! This afternoon it was Ms Elliot. She's a pretty young thing, and all this has simply overwhelmed the young maid. Mrs Bristle is always saying the devil's in her!

I was taking a rest in my room when I heard the key turn. Someone had locked me in! Ms Elliot spoke through the door, saying she was protecting us.

Well a chill ran through me, thinking of being locked up here with all this strangeness going on. I heard the distant shout of Mrs Bristle, so I wasn't the only one.

Ms Elliot returned later, and I begged for her to open the door, or for some water. But she was having none of it, and from the window I saw her slipping outside as dusk came.

(d10 roll of 1 to overcome obstacle [5] - Failure, Spirit 6)

I tried the window, but frame is swollen shut and the panes are tiny.

I mostly fear for Felix now.

March 9th, 1907, Morning (Grey Lady, Resolve 3, Spirit 6)

This morning Mrs Bristle came and unlocked my door. She managed to free herself and had a spare set of house keys. Felix is still in a bad way, but fortunes smiled, as he was locked in with Mr Douglas.

The butler is most distraught about Ms Elliot, as she hasn't returned after leaving us last night. Notwithstanding that she caused us all a great panic yesterday.

But I've agreed to go out and have a look for her, as Mr Douglas is in no state to and there's no-one else really.

It's grim out there, a day of mist and drizzly gloom. I'm taking one of Felix's guns, in case that dog shows up.

March 9th, 1907, Evening (Grey Lady, Resolve 3, Spirit 6)

This dreadful place is cursed. There is some kind of demon out there.

I got lost on the moor, as many do, calling for Ms Elliot. So I wandered in the mist, hoping to find my way again. At some point I slipped and got covered in mud. As it got dark I found Grim Tor, and saw a light ahead.

If it wasn't Ms Elliot with a lantern, and she greeted me in a confused way. Covered in mud and scrapes, she had no recollection of the evening before or locking us in.

It was most strange.

But then as we walked away, I saw eyes in the dark. A pair of fiery eyes, that disappeared up towards the tor. The Beast on the Moor.

I was most distraught after, and Ms Elliot hadn't seen anything.

We made it back to the Cunningham House, and Ms Elliot, Mr Douglas and Mrs Bristle went at it with sharp words.

It was too much for me, I'm retiring early. Hoping for a good night's sleep

Maybe I'll take Felix somewhere away from here on the morrow.

Next Scene - March 10th, 1907, Morning (??, Resolve 2, Spirit 6)

Characters and Adventure Notes

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The main character and secondary characters.

Main Character - Giles Chessaw

Resolve 3, Spirit 7

Giles drifts from place to place, investigating interesting heirlooms and antiques. Sometimes he visits his family at the village of Chesshaw before moving on.

Being fixed in one place isn't the life for him.

For the scenario Beast on the Moor, Giles is an antiquarian visiting a friend in an old manor house in Devonshire.

Secondary Characters

I took these straight from the scenario

  • Lord Cunningham (Felix), a solitary noble who lives alone, save for a few servants, in his Derbyshire manor. He is potentially becoming a danger to himself with all these tales of strange goings on.
  • Mrs Bristle, a middle-aged plump serving woman who dotes on Felix. She is worried about his state of mind and often sits with him while he sleeps.
  • Mr Douglas, a butler who looks like he’s built for a fight. He doesn’t seem to care much for his lord, and puts in the least effort. He is in love with Ms Enfield.
  • Ms Enfield, a serving girl of twenty years old. She is a superstitious type and encourages Felix when he spouts his lunacy about odd sounds and shapes in the night. Mrs Bristle isn’t fond of her ways and believes she’s got ‘the devil in her’.

Finishing Up

Well it doesn't look good so far for Giles and the Cunningham House inhabitants!

Hopefully get more organised to write in more atmospheric place for next part.