Random Tables PDFs for Otherworldly and Planar Adventures (Updated)
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Random Tables PDFs for Otherworldly and Planar Adventures (Updated)

Duncan Thomson

Here we are looking at pdf and book titles for other planes and otherworldy adventures on Drive Thru RPG.

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Starting Points

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The realms beyond the one of mortals vary from setting to setting. Pits inhabited by demons or other fiends, the underworld where the dead go, dream realms inhabited by fey creatures, eternal storms of elemental energy and the realms of the gods. And beyond that are realms that make no sense, alternate realities or weird places that operate in rules beyond comprehension.

Adventures set in these realms tend to be at a higher power level, as characters face powerful creatures and godlike beings, and must survive these very realms too.

Also of interest will be the Random Tools Guide for Planes Beyond. Finally for more PDF titles try Random Table Titles for Fantasy.

Major Titles

titles - major | free & pwyw | smaller | other

Some PDFs are much larger and comprehensive.

  • Castle Oldskull - 333 Realms of Entropy from Kent David Kelly is filled with tables for creating realms by a dominant terrain, with some examples of these planes.
  • For other planes the Plane Maker from Ennead Games makes total sense. Filled with tables about the plane, what inhabiteds it and how to get there. Depending on your planar adventures, Deities and Pantheons may also be of interest.
  • A Rough Guide to the Pit from Arion Games details demonic realms for Fighting Fantasy, but easily used in other games. It has tables for creating demonic planes and encounter tables.

Castle Oldskull - 333 Realms of Entropy Plane Maker Rough Guide to the Pit

Free and Pay What You Want Options

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If you like pdfs and random tables then there are some options. And where you find one you might find more...

Weird Shit Generator 100 Celestial Names Weird, Eldritch Creature Name Generator

Smaller Titles

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To find more related titles by a particular publisher the "Customers Who Bought This Title also Purchased" bar at the bottom of product description is useful.

Demon Generator 100 Demands from a Fey 100 Strange Magical Items for all fantasy RPGs RPGPundit Presents #97: Pocket Planes 100 Ancient Demon Names 1d100 Plus Magic Events

Other Titles

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Things that don't fit in the other categories.

The Infinite Staircase Map Feature Namer Elemental Planes Creature Decks: More Dragons, Undead and Outsiders

Finishing Up

This will get updated in the future, but leave a comment with other titles if you have one to share.

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