Modern Era - Generators Guide
Modern Era Generators Guide

Modern Era - Generators Guide

Duncan Thomson

This is a first version of a Modern Era guide for rpg generators. It will be filled out in coming months

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Starting Points

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80's cop films, the edge of cyberpunk, alternative modern settings, superheroes...

Modern is a difficult one for random generators. We all live in the modern world, so have an understanding of what it entails. Equally we all have are beliefs, opinions and prejudices that come with being a human. These impact what generators we find useful for a modern world.

Also where does the "Modern Era" begin? the  70's, 80's? With the Internet? And it looks very different across the world too!

Related Guides includes Cyberpunk Generators. And Modern PDFs are in another guide.

Random PDFs

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There is quite a selection of modern pdfs random tables. These are selected from the full Modern PDFs Guide.

The Book of Random Tables: Modern Sidequest Decks: Modern Crime, Spies & Supers Espionage Mission Generator 100 Useless Items for all Modern RPGs 100 Oddities for a Found Car

Modern Tools

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Characters are a major draw for modern, with RanGen having the Quick Character Generators, supplemented by a Love Interest Generator  that adds important details. And a Pet Generator if needed!

As an alternative Fake Name Generator will provide a characters details, based on real-world country, and This Person Does Not Exist can provide a generated photo.

For a vehicle, This Automobile Does Not Exist can give a picture, and RanGen a Vehicle Name. And for somewhere to stay or live, This Rental Does Not Exist give a made up place.

Modern Adventure Details

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For details of day to day things, Mithril and Mages has Business Name Generators, with Occupations by industry to fill out staff. Or RanGen has a Brand Namer for larger scale.

Then fill out company details with an IT Department from Seventh Sanctum,

For real world names, Fantasy Name Generators has many options separated by contintent, under the 'Realm Names' header. The site also has some description generators for modern, including Martial Art Descriptions, House Descriptions, and Shotguns (among others).

For something quite different Fantasy Name Generators has a whole category of 'Pop Culture' generators, including Marvel Names and Harry Potter. Examples include the Pokemon Description Generator at Fantasy Name Generators with a related Pokemon Name Generator.

For something random, has a Random Music Band Generator.

Modern Maps

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For a modern map with no text details, This City Does Not Exist can help out. With This Map Does Not

For a different kind of map, Mithril and Mages has a Modern City Block Generator, detailing the types of building in a two block region, for a few different zones.

Modern Tool Recommendations

I'll come back and update the Guide so send me any recommendations for tools, tables and pdfs.

If you liked these there are Generators at Chaos Gen and a monthly random tools Newsletter. Or find us on the Rand Roll Discord or an instagram of Random Tables.