Post Apocalyptic Guide- PDFs and Books of Tables
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Post Apocalyptic Guide- PDFs and Books of Tables

Duncan Thomson

Looking at pdf and book titles for Post-Apocalypse settings on Drive Thru RPG.

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Starting Points

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Titles with random tables for post-apocalypse settings.

In a post-apocalyptic setting, something bad has happened and the world is doing it's best to cope. Nuclear war, climate change, zombie apocalypse, aliens, killer robots, magical storms could all cause one.

They are often populated by desperate survivors, mutated creatures,

Examples include Mad Max, Fallout, the Matrix and many zombie movies. Many fantasy worlds have post-apocalypse.

There is also a Post-Apocalyse Generators Guide.

Major Titles

titles - major | free & pwyw | smaller | other

Some PDFs are much larger and comprehensive.

The Book of Random Tables: Post-Apocalypse Random Solo Adventure: Post Apocalypse - Solo Gamebook Post-Apocalptic Loot Roadwarrior Bundle Grammar Fuel: Science Fiction Genre & Subgenres

Free and Pay What You Want Options

titles - major | free & pwyw | smaller | other

If you like pdfs and random tables then there are some free and pay what you want options. And where you find one you might find more..

49 Lists for Atomic Punk 2160 Random Post-Apocalyptic Items 1D100

Smaller Titles

titles - major | free & pwyw | smaller | other

To find more related titles by a particular publisher the "Customers Who Bought This Title also Purchased" bar at the bottom of product description is useful.

100 Post-Apocalyptic Encounters 100 Scavenged Provisions for all Post Apoc RPGs 100 Post-Apocalyptic Encounters 350 Post Apocalyptic Treasures - Vol 1 100 Encounters for the Post-Apocalyptic Plains Post-Apocalyptic Names Bundle

Other Titles

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Things that don't fit in the other categories

World Ender Namer The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse

Finishing Up

This will get updated in the future, but leave a comment with other titles if you have one to share.