Random Tools and Tables for Post-Apocalypse RPGs
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Random Tools and Tables for Post-Apocalypse RPGs

Duncan Thomson

Generators for a post-apocalyptic setting such as Mad Max or a zombie world.

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Oct 2023: added Starting points and updated layout slightly

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Starting Points for Post-Apocalypse RPGs

basics | ruins | horrors | survivors | pdfs

In a post-apocalyptic setting, something bad has happened and the world is doing it's best to cope. Nuclear war, climate change, zombie apocalypse, aliens, killer robots, magical storms could all cause one.

Many fantasy setting represent post-apocalyptic ones, with an ancient more advanced civilisation. So maybe take a look at the Gens Guide for Fantasy.

They are often populated by desperate survivors, mutated creatures,

Examples include Mad Max, Fallout, the Matrix and many zombie movies. Many fantasy worlds have post-apocalypse.

There is also a post-apocalypse PDF guide.

Apocalypse Basics

basics | ruins | horrors | survivors | pdfs

Let's start with an apocalypse generator from chaotic shiny

Initial Cause: nuclear warfare and natural plague. Secondary Causes: acid rain and dimensional rift. Threats: dangerous storms, hailstorms, zombie animals, and religious cults. Survivors: 22.2% of the population

And then those post-apocalyptic societies will need some names, as will the ruined lands around. From Fantasy Name Generators

Springhole also has a Lost Civilization generator

And over on instagram JJShurte is creating free post-apocalyptic d6 tables.

post-apocalyptic society names

In the Ruins

basics | ruins | horrors | survivors | pdfs

Amongst the ruins you find...a shot glass, a lawn chair and a tennis racket

From Post-Apocalyptic Junk Loot on chartopia.

You have further options donjon has scavenged drugs, ancient junk and cans of various food. Plus post-apocalyptic trinkets from Ennead Games.

The lands might be wracked by plague from Chaotic Shiny

Scavenged Drugs from Donjon

Zombies and Monsters

basics | ruins | horrors | survivors | pdfs

This zombie is somewhat contagious. She is partially decayed, and is missing part of an arm, an ear, an eye, patches of skin and a foot. She is fast, possibly a little smart, and very strong. She is wearing filthy clothing. She attacks mostly by striking victims.

Zombies like this one from chaotic shiny are a big cause of apocalypses. From Chaotic Shiny, which also Zoomoprhs as a danger.

From springhole.net are Individual Kaiju, It also has Strange Robots from previous ages serving as opponents, villains, plot points or npcs.

Seventh Sanctum has multiple kaiju or techno-fantasy monsters

Techno Fantasy Monsters from 7th Sanctum

The Dregs Left Behind

basics | ruins | horrors | survivors | pdfs

...dregs such as Exo, Roach, Gadget, Rat, Hawk and Snail

From apocalypse/mutant nickname generator at Fantasy Name Generators

The survivors might also have mutations and insanities from Chartopia. Some may have developed super powers from Rangen, from weird substances or alien intervention.

mutants and insanities at Chartopia

Apocalypse PDFs

basics | ruins | horrors | survivors | pdfs

Post apocalypse games can take inspiration from all over the place. These titles are some from the Post-Apocalypse PDFs Guide.

The Book of Random Tables: Post-Apocalypse Random Solo Adventure: Post Apocalypse - Solo Gamebook Post-Apocalptic Loot Roadwarrior Bundle 100 Post-Apocalyptic Encounters The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse

Any More Generators?

If you liked these there are Generators at Chaos Gen and a monthly random tools Newsletter. Or find us on the Rand Roll Discord or an instagram of Random Tables.