100 Fantasy Sea Trinkets
Trinkets Fantasy Sea Treasure

100 Fantasy Sea Trinkets

Duncan Thomson
a mind flayer doll which has a tiny astral cord attached

Trinkets for your fantasy sea, pirate and underwater adventures

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Trinkets of Sea and Shore

Preserved parrots, shells, bits of ships and items from beneath the sea. Fantasy trinkets might be found on sailor npcs, merfolk adventurers, seafaring merchants, in underwater chests, a ruined lighthouse or in a fishing family.

So here are trinkets for your sea characters in fantasy campaigns

There is a fantasy sea trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of Sea and Shore on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of Sea and Shore on DriveThru RPG Fantasy Sea Tables Bundle on DriveThru RPG

100 Trinkets of Sea and Shore

1d100Fantasy Sea Trinkets
1 A necklace made from eye patches
2 A clay seahorse with a head that turns to watch its surroundings
3 A length of rope, that can't be tied
4 A waterskin holding a thriving ecoystem of fish and sea plants
5 A bloodstained woodcut of a shark with angel wings
6 A flag made from seaweed
7 A crude prototype for a boat that functions underwater
8 A clam shell which is fully of brackish water every morning
9 A embalmed parrot with glowing feathers
10 A preserved creature, half sea urchin and half lobster
11 A bottle with a family of anemones living inside
12 An ancient scroll with a recipe for battered fish and fried vegetables
13 A model lighthouse carved from driftwood
14 Wind chimes that only sound when a storm is near
15 A copper key, decorated with twisted drowning faces
16 A tin of hard biscuits marked with a date from a century ago
17 A set of 36 playing cards with complex instructions to cursed treasure
18 A bright hat shaped like a seashell
19 A chain with metal lobster claws that pinch the skin
20 A small sea chest with sea shanty titles on slips of paper
21 A list of names of everyone who worked at a shipyard
22 A wooden head that smiles when in freshwater and frowns in saltwater
23 A holy symbol made from three anchors
24 A bandanna made of sailcloth taken from a famous wreck
25 A miniature coral-framed painting of seal-folk under a stormy sky
26 A pirate costume for a cat
27 A rusted hook, inscribed with a message only visible in moonlight
28 A fish skeleton that loses bones through the day, reforming every dawn
29 A miniature cart that turns into a boat and back again
30 An astrolabe covered in pink sigils
31 A fishing net that can't catch anything
32 A puzzle box in the form of a ship
33 A toy wooden cutlass scrawled with nautical slang
34 A vial of shimmering squid ink
35 A glass bottle containing a miniature sea serpent
36 A set of five miniature torsos, with four mer-tails to attach to them
37 A hunk of weathered timber with the name of a famed sea witch
38 A belt with pouches, each holding sand of a different colour
39 A bone statuette of a crab-headed humanoid
40 A weathered bag painted with a distinctive crew of seafarers
41 A tarnished bell, which when rung, emits the smell of smoked fish
42 A drinking vessel made from a conch horn
43 A blessed spearhead said to be potent against sea horrors
44 A tiny penguin that likes to sit on your shoulder
45 A cursed silver half-moon pendant
46 A piece of canvas cut into the shape of a whale
47 A pair of heart-shaped earrings you found on a beach
48 A green figurine of a jellyfish with movable tentacles
49 A book titled "A Surface Dweller's Guide to Cities Under the Sea"
50 A belt of tern feathers
51 A tinted glass jar filled with shark teeth
52 A wooden puzzle depicting several flag designs
53 An amulet of blue stone glowing with the sigil of a sea oracle
54 An octopus figurine that clutches seven copper coins
55 A seal skull that whispers of freeing a ghost ship
56 A trident head driven through a still-moving fish fin
57 A tiny anchor inscribed with a prophecy of a doomed undersea city
58 A worn set of pipes, that when played, remind you of a particular port
59 A preserved sea elf lung
60 A wooden shadow puppet of a sailor, holding an eel
61 A muslin shawl said to be taken from a sea sprite
62 A petrified octopus tentacle that floats
63 A waterproof jewellery box, with ash and a letter for a loved one
64 A feather bracelet that tightens at the sounds of seabirds
65 An oar paddle covered in barnacles
66 A pot with purple seagrass that can survive anything
67 A runed starfish brooch that attracts starfish
68 A children's book depicting frightening sea creatures
69 A model boat full of holes, that still floats
70 A silver hair ornament of a crayfish battling a squid
71 A frayed rope noose once used to hang smugglers
72 A pebble with seaweed attached, that gives its bearer dreams of seagulls
73 An mermaid amulet which is constantly shedding tears
74 A copper board game with pieces for ships, islands and serpents
75 A crumpled sheet which describes how to make a flying ship
76 A miniature island made of pewter, with kelp growing on it
77 A bronze bracelet with several charms depicting sea gods
78 A wooden cup that fills with water at inconvenient times
79 A tiny spyglass that lets a viewer see a warship
80 An illustrated guide to edible seaweed
81 A wooden dolphin charm, that squeaks when dipped in saltwater
82 An unusually heavy chunk of coral
83 The preserved tongue of a sea dragon that whispers of a lost city
84 A warped piece of wood with the names of three famous ships
85 A jar with sand that shifts into different fish shapes
86 A mouldy seahorse doll said to ward off sea monsters
87 A slimy wooden plank that attracts tiny crustaceans
88 A shell with an anemone that often burbles happily
89 An empty rum bottle, that always points towards the moon when spun
90 A sharkskin loincloth
91 An old ship's nameplate, given to you by a dying sailor
92 A briny gold coin with the faces of dead gods
93 A set of four turtle shells that fit inside one another
94 A tiny rowing boat hanging from a silk cord
95 A book written with the charter of a infamous pirate crew
96 A seaweed medallion with a miniature chest dangling from it
97 A dead pirate's hand, clutching tight to a glass vial
98 A bone sceptre marked with the symbols of thirteen merfolk clans
99 A scrimshaw figurehead of an archer
100 A crude parchment map with a pirate symbol on the reverse

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There is a fantasy sea trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of Sea and Shore on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of Sea and Shore on DriveThru RPG Fantasy Sea Tables Bundle on DriveThru RPG

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