100 City Trinkets for Fantasy
Trinkets Fantasy City Treasure

100 City Trinkets for Fantasy

Duncan Thomson
A green glass rose you found in a pile of waste

Trinkets for your fantasy city adventures and campaigns of intrigue and crowds.

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[Art by Patrick E. Pullen]

Trinkets of the City

Toy soldiers, tavern signs, documents and items from all over the city. Fantasy urban trinkets might be found on labourer npcs, human adventurers, town guards, in an parked wagon, back alley or in someone's pocket.

So here are trinkets for your characters in city campaigns.

There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of the City on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of the City on DriveThru RPG Trinkets Bundle on DriveThru RPG

100 Trinkets of the City

1d100Fantasy City Trinkets
1 A miniature gazebo made of metal wire
2 A cloth doll given to you by an urchin who felt sorry for you
3 A stale anniversary pie with beautiful decorations
4 A slate of bar tabs with fifty-two names
5 A cracked sewer pipe with bloodstains
6 A clay bust of a legendary city founder
7 A glass orb that attracts stray dog hairs
8 An ugly wooden gnome figurine, you stole on a dare
9 A tiny clockwork wagon with wheels that fall off
10 An iron caltrop you pulled from the paw of a stray dog
11 A flower that never wilts, picked for a lover before a big argument
12 A brown coat with twenty small inner pockets
13 A washing line with five odd socks
14 A front door key to somewhere you used to live
15 A wooden toy bridge with a troll doll
16 A metal egg with gold swirls you got from a pawn shop
17 An entry pass to an exclusive club, recently burnt down
18 A piece of underwear that belonged to a good friend
19 A bronze token granting the bearer a sack of grain if a dragon attacks
20 A chunky stone ring with a model of a famous building on top
21 A tiny stone gargoyle that can attach to any surface
22 A recipe for a unique pie, written on the back of a leaflet for a bakery
23 Four copper coins that depict five themed city landmarks
24 A suit of scalemail made for a humanoid insect the size of your hand
25 An old bounty notice for a family member last seen setting off to sea
26 A bone bracelet with ribbons, showing an annual festival when rubbed
27 A padlock that won't lock
28 A music box that only produces clicks, whistles and humming noises
29 A clamshell containing many buttons
30 A chunk of marble from an important statue
31 A threadbare city flag
32 A rough guide to the dangerous attractions of your city
33 A cat's skull wrapped in a blue cloth
34 A glazed tile in red and white, depicting a religious scene
35 A preserved dead pet you believe watches over you at night
36 A drawing of a city in flames
37 A bag of dirt from a sacred site
38 A monocle engraved with an unusual name, you found in a park
39 A soot-covered brush that belonged to a sibling
40 A purplish bottle of an unknown drink, leftover from a party
41 A garish tavern sign, you woke up with after a night you barely recall
42 A runed wooden box containing three coloured glass eyes
43 A gold coin with your face on both sides
44 A small ugly clay dog, said to protect any home it is placed in
45 A porcelain mask painted with the features of a local ruler
46 A silk handkerchief, given to you by a noble before they disappeared
47 A wooden horse head attached to a long stick
48 A stone flask with a mage sigil, you haggled for in a market
49 A begging bowl of a dead veteran no one else remembers
50 A petrified cockroach, that shifts position every night
51 An invitation to visit a friend in a far away city
52 A tax receipt for a renowned sage
53 An eye encased in amber you got from a pawnshop
54 A six-sided die marked with pictures of six city landmarks
55 A battered toy soldier that belonged to a loved one
56 A nest of eggs that fell on your head
57 A deck of playing cards illustrating places from the same city
58 A bronze figurine of a favourite family pet
59 A miniature version of a street, using shells and wood
60 A potion of dubious quality you traded with a backstreet fence
61 A card with details of six taverns, of which three are stamped
62 An ornate door handle carved with the head of a pigeon
63 A blindfold, that gives dreams of an ancient city when worn
64 An ivory key with the name of a city, that doesn't fit any lock
65 A board for a crude game where you buy city landmarks
66 A clay square, advertising a strong foreign ale
67 A stained sewer map
68 A lump of coal wrapped in cloth, thats been in you family for generations
69 A pouch with a selection of herbal teas
70 An unblemished copper sphere, with the sounds of insects living inside it
71 A booklet on how to swear like a local
72 A silver spoon with the symbol of a noble family
73 A crossbow bolt, used in an execution you saw
74 An old silver medal giving out to defenders in a historic siege
75 A gaudy memento for a famous but ugly urban landmark
76 A necklace of household objects, given to you by your neighbours
77 A wooden bracelet charm, with a face that gives a dire warning each day
78 A roof tile with an intriguing pattern of moss
79 A green glass rose you found in a pile of waste
80 An ivory hair ornament, that belonged to a guild leader
81 A crystal holy symbol dedicated to a local deity
82 A commemorative tankard, made for an important coronation
83 A leather collar with a bell and two names
84 A wine cork from a vintage bottle you remember fondly
85 A short written guide on how to say "cheese" in fourteen languages
86 A black hood that glows for a few hours every night
87 A pig-shaped rattle
88 A nameplate from a favourite shop, that went bankrupt
89 A stylish hat with a tiny blade hidden inside
90 A pot of unused paint you've had for as long as you can remember
91 A lock of grimy, greasy hair said to bring good luck
92 A weightless knife sheaf, inscribed with a prophecy about your family
93 A white glove from someone who challenged you to a duel
94 A song sheet from a theatre show you remember fondly
95 A small iron plaque with city heraldry, that sticks to other metal
96 An old bronze bracelet you found in a mound of waste
97 A piece of tombstone from a famous thief who saved a city
98 A railing spike from a temple boundary
99 A tattered book on manners and etiquette, edited with charcoal
100 A crystal smoking pipe that emits two trails of smoke

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There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of the City on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of the City on DriveThru RPG Trinkets Bundle on DriveThru RPG

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