100 Trinkets for Dungeon and Cave
Trinkets Fantasy Dungeon Treasure

100 Trinkets for Dungeon and Cave

Duncan Thomson
a bent iron door hinge

Trinkets for your fantasy dungeon adventures and campaigns of caves and underground.

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Trinkets of the Underground

Broken manacles, strange rocks, and dungeoneering equipment and fungi from underground ruins and cave complexes. Fantasy dungeon trinkets might be found on adventurers, miners, dwarves, in an parked wagon, an alcove, cave corner or a treasure trove.

So here are trinkets for your characters in cave and dungeon campaigns.

There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of Cave and Dungeon on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of Cave and Dungeon on DriveThru RPG One-Page Bundle on DriveThru RPG

100 Trinkets of Dungeon and Cave

1d100Fantasy Underground Trinkets
1 a small stone statue of a basilisk
2 a crystal jar filled with strange mosses
3 a bronze oil lamp, inscribed with an ominous ballad about a miner
4 a treatise on the ecosystems of massive underground ruins
5 a list of one hundred things to take underground
6 a shard of obsidian, bearing the mark of a famous dwarf artisan
7 a tunic made for a creature with six tentacles
8 a clay cube depicting a chest, claw, torch, stalactite, beetle and fungi
9 a slimy bone key in the shape of a mushroom
10 a bottle of a fermented fungal brew, no-one wants to try
11 a single manacle containing a skeletal foot
12 a shard of stained glass with a face trapped inside
13 a length of charred, knotted rope
14 a ghostly poison ring that whispers the name of an undead priest
15 a battered steel helm that smells of vomit
16 a unfathomable dungeon map, which its bearer keeps dreaming of
17 a stone doorstop marked with "property of Marr"
18 a piton driven through a lizard skull
19 a bone mask with small eyes forming the mouth, nose and eyes
20 a folio with pressed fungi of various forms and colours
21 a puzzle box with many tiny secret doors
22 a pouch of shiny stones and folded parchment marked with squares
23 an eerie centipede puppet which makes animals uneasy
24 two twisted metal lanterns, fused together
25 a richly decorated card depicting an baleful ooze, labelled "24 of 40"
26 designs and diagrams for an overcomplicated trap
27 an amber amulet of a snake, which becomes to a bat in total darkness
28 four clay dolls depicting a warrior, a thief, a priest and a user of magic
29 an onyx egg said to hatch into a creature from a plane of Chaos
30 a stone box carved with the story of a cursed underground city
31 an eye made of igneous rock, said to be a key for an planar portal
32 a metal grate with tufts of yellow fur
33 a rusty iron bar said to be from a legendary prison
34 the statuette of an eight-armed spider demon
35 a door hinge inscribed with a riddle in a subterranean language
36 a tankard carved with a treasure map for a well-known ruin
37 a chunk of partly carved alabaster which attracts fireflies
38 a crown of fungi and mushrooms
39 three dead rats on a pole
40 a tiny stalactite that will hang from anything
41 a hexagon made of six bones
42 a book titled "50 Wrong Answers to Common Puzzles"
43 a vial of dark oily lotion, that smells of despair
44 a folding shovel which won't stay unfolded
45 a damaged sign warning of slippery stairs
46 a cracked sheath containing a petrified dagger
47 an embalmed tentacle, which twitches when rats are near
48 an eldritch compass meant to find portals, but instead finds rockfalls
49 a leather pouch of iron ingots
50 a copper amulet with the likeness of a smiling imp
51 a preserved reptilian hand, marked with symbol of a death god
52 a solid chunk of cheese, home to a harmless tiny scaled purple worm
53 an embalmed white winged beetle
54 a dull copper crown, that gives the wearer the feeling of being watched
55 a necklace of square obsidian coins
56 a snapped off lever from a famous ruin, a memento of a grandparent
57 a detailed twelve-step plan for searching a chest
58 a stone bracer, decorated with moving contorted figures
59 a love pendant containing pictures of two sparkling rocks
60 a cloak of spidersilk, that catches on most things
61 a locket with a shifting face and name of a city, you found in a rockfall
62 an earth elemental the size of your finger, scared of water and fire
63 a small wooden box with a really obvious secret compartment
64 a book title "A Guide to Rude Words of the Under Realms"
65 a toy mining pick of bronze
66 a drum of an odd leathery hide, that makes no sound
67 a detailed map of ruins in an underground lake, that no-one can find
68 a bent iron door hinge
69 a foot-shaped orange fungi, that twitches occasionally
70 a small skeletal snake that misunderstands any commands given to it
71 a puppet of a fish humanoid with massive disturbing eyes
72 a bronze coffer, with a shrunken piece of mystery meat
73 a bat wing covered in glowing goo
74 a piece of fungus that looks like you
75 the spiky, curved horn of an unknown creature
76 a coin that glows in the dark, depicting a sigil on each side
77 a ring of broken metal keys
78 an empty clay potion bottle labeled "Elixir of Treasure Finding"
79 a bronze cylinder, with swirling orange gas inside
80 a mushroom covered in harmless yellow mould, that moves to music
81 a pouch with five different coloured sticks of chalk
82 a reflective purple scale, with moss growing on the edges
83 two long fangs, entombed in a translucent rock
84 a tarnished blade, marked with three runes related to shadows
85 a deed to a mine, long abandoned
86 a crystal spiderweb, said to shatter if ever exposed to sunlight
87 a gland from a giant fire beetle, that glows for a few days each month
88 an iron key said to be from the dungeon of Crystalwick Fissure
89 a tile, advertising the services of "Clang, Secret Door Finder"
90 an obsidian spear point with a dwarven rune
91 a small lizard-insectoid hybrid, carved from bone
92 a quiver of short sticks, each with various markings
93 a tiny clockwork goblin with twin pickaxes, which shakes when wound up
94 a brass ring inscribed with the motto "Rocks fall, everyone dies."
95 a stale fungal bread, stamped and dated to a century ago
96 a eternal torch which goes out at inconvenient times
97 a piece of polished rock that show reflections with glowing red eyes
98 a mesmerizing eye, embedded in quartz
99 a tentacled fish figurine, that gives the bearer dreams of a shadowy sea
100 a bloodstained dart, said to have slain a famous adventurer

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There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of Cave and Dungeon on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of Cave and Dungeon on DriveThru RPG One-Page Bundle on DriveThru RPG

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