100 Otherworldly Trinkets for Fantasy
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100 Otherworldly Trinkets for Fantasy

Duncan Thomson
a grinning jade ring, that is connected to an impending doom

Trinkets for your fantasy otherworldly adventures and campaigns in strange places or exotic planes.

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Trinkets of Planes and Beyond

Items from across other realms of existence, from elemental charms to shapeshifting slimes and portal keys. Trinkets with themes of law and chaos, fire and water, air and earth. Amulets from the realm of the dead and faerie trinkets associated with dreams. Found on planar travellers, creatures summoned from beyond and near glowing portals.

So here are trinkets for your characters in otherworldy adventures and campaigns.

There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of the Planes on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of the Planes on DriveThru RPG Trinkets Bundle on DriveThru RPG

100 Trinkets of the Planes

1d100Fantasy Otherworldy Trinkets
1 a comical wooden mask of a fiend
2 the deed for a farm, in another dimension
3 a blue cloak, shimmering with stars
4 an insect of coloured glass with two bat-like wings and two feathered
5 a bright flower, that if gets wet, withers away and slowly regrows
6 a leaflet promoting an inn in a pocket dimension, but no way to find it
7 a set of four tuning forks, of different metals
8 a bronze amulet which gives dreams of beings with wings of sunlight
9 a portal key that works on any portal, but always goes somewhere bad
10 sparkling dust from a plane of air
11 a shell depicting symbols of chaos, you keep finding every few months
12 a brass ring that is possessed by an imp's spirit
13 glasses with a metallic sheen, that showing everything with a blue tint
14 an invitation to a banquet at a faerie court, location unspecified
15 a string of stamped bone coins with disconcerting sigils
16 a silver bell with no clapper, given to your family by a planeswalker
17 a figurine of an bizarre creature, who appears in your dreams
18 a metal spider that walks very slowly, powered by an elemental spirit
19 part of a railing, said to be from a plane-hopping flying ship
20 a piece of prismatic slime from a plane of chaos
21 a brass candlestick carved with fiendish faces
22 a jar made of ice, holding glowing ash
23 a torn page with deranged scrawls of strange planes of existence
24 a pocket guide to a city on another plane
25 a fire carved of cold iron, that sparks flames occasionally
26 a preserved, hand-sized eye, from a many-eyed cosmic horror
27 a nest containing four elemental eggs
28 a book that tells of an inter-dimensional wizard school
29 an idol of silver wire, that shifts form at irregular intervals
30 strands of ribbon from a plane of shadows
31 an obsidian statuette of a horse with flaming hooves and mane
32 a spectral claw wrapped in silk?, that someone gave to you in a dream
33 a tiny metal pyramid with four runes connected to Law
34 a flint and steel, engraved with a prophecy spanning three planes
35 a deck of cards depicting many different spirits
36 a quill that turns anything written with it into strange runes
37 a glass sylph with ivory horns
38 a sword shard with a poem about betrayal and redemption
39 a list of ten things not to put into a portal
40 a spherical stone from a plane of earth
41 a set of clockwork gears covered in geometric patterns
42 a crystal clasp with a name, given to your grandparent by a demigod
43 an treatise on eight rare types of elemental and where to find them
44 a shiny scale, showing a landscape of clouds and rainbows
45 a fiend's forked tongue that wriggles occasionally
46 an orb of quartz with dead faces within
47 a coral weathervane in the shape of an eagle
48 a snake, dead and alive at the same time
49 a hunk of lapis lazuli that shows messages in an unknown script
50 a blackened bone from a fiendish (or hellish) plane
51 a stripy scarf that changes colour depending on its environment
52 a blackened claw from a long-dead demigod
53 an obsidian amulet depicting an eight pointed star
54 an ornate saltshaker, portal key to a destroyed portal
55 a recipe requiring a fish of elemental fire and a bird of elemental earth
56 a thick ring in the shape of a rat-headed chaos god
57 a wooden figurine of a genie, with bronze eyes
58 a worm made of stone that leaves fragments of itself behind
59 an eel of slimy goo, with a small mist surrounding it
60 a wispy candle from a celestial (or angelic) plane
61 a copper pendant inscribed with the saga of a smith who forged magic
62 a wooden key, one of five needed to open an door in a city of spirits
63 a crystal six-sided die, with runes of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Chaos and Law
64 an angel's feather, with parts eaten away by a black moss
65 a model made of paper, of a fearie mounted on a flying goat
66 a hoop of glowing iron, through which can be heard crashing waves
67 a mechanical crab that sparks with electricity
68 a guide on how to attract an imp familiar
69 a puzzle box with warding symbols, you've never been able to open
70 a string of cogs from a plane of law
71 an ethereal spirit, trapped in a shadowy glass
72 a bracelet depicting a wheel of planes
73 a conch horn that shows a shadowy winged figure when played
74 a picture book with funny advice for being stranded in another plane
75 on half of a contract signed by a devil
76 a cloth showing a treasure map for a cache in the realm of the dead
77 a bottle shaped like a water spirit, that writhes when near fire
78 an electrum whistle that was given to you by an mysterious spirit
79 a stone tablet with a bizarre creature of many eyes, tentacles and wings
80 ash that is always warm, from a plane of fire
81 an amulet with the symbol of a dead god, wrapped in muslin
82 a ten-sided die, that often shows results not appearing on its sides
83 a tall red candle, that give visions of other realms while burnt
84 a small velvet cloak, which has appearance of bat-like wings when worn
85 a bone carved into a snake, through which your ancestors speak to you
86 a token, meant to be given to a guardian spirit in the afterlife
87 a demon's horn capped with bronze
88 a slate, engraved with art using only triangles and squares
89 a small pulsating blob marked with glittering symbols
90 a clamshell with seaweed, from a plane of water
91 a locket of bright hair, said to be from a creature of another world
92 an eyemask with shadowy holes for eye
93 a grinning jade ring, that is connected to an impending doom
94 a collection of copper coins from several dimensions
95 a teacup of alabaster eyes
96 an iron torc carved with angular faces, the bearer wears in their dreams
97 a hand mirror that shows dreamlike visions from many planes
98 a flower in a pot, native to another plane
99 a piece of silk cloth, bearing a fanciful prophecy of the end of all things
100 a pouch of sand from a plane of dreams (or death)

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There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of the Planes on DriveThru RPG.

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