100 Spooky Trinkets for Horror and Fantasy
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100 Spooky Trinkets for Horror and Fantasy

Duncan Thomson
a small lantern etched with the three names from your family

Trinkets for your fantasy city adventures and campaigns of intrigue and crowds.

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Spooky Trinkets

Creepy dolls, preserved eyes, strange amulets, things that aren't quite right... Spooky trinkets might be found on mysterious npcs, dead adventurers, old ruins, in a graveyard, on a cultist or anywhere at night.

So here are trinkets for your characters in spooky campaigns.

There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Spoooky Trinkets on DriveThru RPG.

Spooky Trinkets on DriveThru RPG Trinkets Bundle on DriveThru RPG

100 Spooky Trinkets for Fantasy and Horror

1d100Spooky Trinkets
1 a deck of cards depicting undead animals
2 a note asking you for forgiveness, dated ten years in the future
3 a crystal goblet with the last words of a martyr
4 a small book with the tale of the Necromancer and the Courtesan
5 a knotted rope that carries visions of death
6 a pair of ears on a cord, that glow red on sacred ground
7 a disconcerting picture you drew, but don't remember drawing
8 a bottle with a moving tentacle inside
9 a drawing of a pair of cultists with their mouths sewn shut
10 a necklace of fingers, you won playing at dice
11 a spiked bone cat mask with real whiskers
12 a model octopus of wire, that wraps tentacles around anything nearby
13 a warped piece of wood from a coffin
14 a holy symbol owned by a priest who betrayed everyone they loved
15 a cursed copper amulet, stolen from a dead relative
16 an amulet of a goat's head with bronze horns and angry eyes
17 a wooden model horse with a headless rider
18 a puppet of a goblin with an overly long tongue
19 a wig of greasy grey hair
20 a pickled hand with six fingers
21 a tiny pumpkin that glows at night
22 an illustrated manual of a ritual to be performed on a full moon
23 a toy crow who greets you with a prediction of doom each morning
24 a diary of a cursed immortal poet, who visits a specific inn each decade
25 a veil, sewn with five portents of an apocalypse
26 a set of metal pipes, which emit a screeching when played
27 a rusty knife adorned with heretical symbols
28 a tiny scarecrow that haunts your nightmares, but you can't get rid of
29 an unopened letter from a dead relative
30 a belt made of hanging nooses
31 half a painting depicting a grinning skeleton with a bloodied axe
32 a preserved foot with a spike driven through it
33 a pair dice made from the knuckles of one of your grandparents
34 a bone whistle which only works around midnight
35 a stuffed squirrel holding a scythe
36 a painting of a village, depicting a ghostly version of it
37 a lump of obsidian with your likeness trapped inside
38 a dead two-headed snake corpse, coiled around a wooden wand
39 a white mask depicting a contorted face
40 a copper casket, covered in moving contorted figures
41 a mouldy hankerchief with bits of slime in it
42 a satin glove with a zombified hand inside
43 a small skull with teeth of moldy green stone
44 a heavy bone key, that twists when held
45 a yellow stone with many holes, which attracts spiders
46 a wooden pipe that creates greenish smoke, forming batlike shapes
47 a melted copper coin flecked with blood
48 a petrified clawed foot
49 a coffin made of reeds, with a dead mouse inside
50 a dulled sunburst medallion which makes people sad when held
51 a skewer with six eyeballs
52 a clay wand ending in a leering skull
53 an amulet of eyes, a family heirloom with another eye every generation
54 a bronze idol of a part-dwarf, part-badger creature
55 a love letter from a werewolf
56 a black bloodstained hood
57 a key to a long abandoned mansion
58 a small lantern etched with the three names from your family
59 a pouch of dead butterflies
60 an embalmed rat with a second head stitched onto it
61 a list of eight ways to destroy a vengeful spirit, with crosses beside six
62 a patch of flayed skin
63 a bracelet of a cousin who died in the hour you were born
64 a set of ceramic ogres with tiny heads?
65 an odd knife with a glass half moon blade
66 a jar with brownish slime and a writhing forked tongue
67 the deeds to a crumbling tower in a cursed wood
68 a small prayer book with several pages ripped out
69 a flint miniature of a human-rat hybrid
70 a bird totem that chirps unhappily near sacred ground
71 a small mirror that shows the viewer at their worst
72 an oil lamp, whose light is always flickering
73 a sticky ladle, which creates a small amount of spider stew every dusk
74 a red ring that reminds you of your darkest hour
75 a torn sleeve from a velvet gown
76 a puzzle box that opens when saliva drips onto it
77 a mummified eye
78 a slate from a tomb, with three words scratched into it
79 a copper beetle, which at night becomes a swarm of insects
80 a web of purple thread, with a fly headed sprite in the middle
81 a clockwork spider that loses legs when it walks
82 a rusty sickle blade, marked with sinister runes
83 an egg of metal wire, with a dead slug inside
84 a wooden figurine of a sorcerer devouring their own arm
85 a porcelain doll's head that whispers promises at night
86 a torn page, with the tale of a play that sent watchers into a berserk rage
87 a birchwood amulet with a sinister face, which whispers strange words
88 a pouch with rusty bent nails and a fat finger with many holes
89 a pair of iron shoes with high heels
90 an old bracelet, inscribed with three jokes about executions
91 an ivory pendant with a Death rune, given to you by a ghost
92 a grinning obsidian frog, which smoulders in direct sunlight
93 a leather glove that's always a little too tight
94 a portrait locket, with a pumpkin-headed figure inside
95 a music box with clockwork clowns that plays funeral music
96 a black evening dress the size of your hand
97 a miniature ceramic dog with four eyes
98 a journal of poetry written by seven murderers
99 a jar of worms which devour one another and split into smaller ones
100 a coin of iron, depicting a distorted faerie

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There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Spoooky Trinkets on DriveThru RPG.

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