100 Fantasy Trinkets for Hinterlands of Farm and Village
Trinkets Fantasy Hinterlands Treasure

100 Fantasy Trinkets for Hinterlands of Farm and Village

Duncan Thomson
A stone marker with the symbols of two cities

Trinkets for your fantasy rural adventures and campaigns beyond the city.

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[Art by Patrick E. Pullen]

Trinkets of the Hinterlands

Animal charms, bits of farm tools, travel mementoes and other rural knicknacks. Hinterlands trinkets might be found on travelling npcs, pilgrims, farmers, , in an cart of hay, ruined farmstead or old campsite.

So here are trinkets for your characters in hinterlands campaigns.

There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of the Hinterlands on DriveThru RPG.

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100 Trinkets of the Hinterlands

1d100Fantasy Hinterlands Trinkets
1 A metal plough and harness for a tiny creature
2 A jar with a single bee, who is said to be over a century old
3 A quartz hawk amulet, said to ward any home it is placed in
4 A bounty notice for an outlaw who ambushed tax collectors
5 A bronze ring depicting a ram and a bull, given to you at birth
6 A chain of rusty horseshoes
7 A copper coin with a wagon on both sides, you found in a sheep dip
8 A set of rustic panpipes, that sound like a goat if played
9 A bottle of milk, said to be from a magical cow
10 A pair of tongs that can't grasp anything
11 A toy llama with two heads
12 A folded wool blanket with holes
13 A bronze mirror with unknown runes, you traded from a pedlar
14 A leather leash that always breaks
15 A bearded statuette with a fishing rod
16 A bottle of cheap wine, made by a friend
17 A wooden mask, half sheep and half donkey, worn at an annual festival
18 A tiny ivory diorama with farm animals and a dragon
19 A slate half-filled with stamps, for a famous pilgrimage route
20 A wooden sign depicting the tolls to cross a ferry
21 A metal hoe head, half-melted
22 A ball of string that can't be unwound
23 A half-moon sickle, made from bone
24 A ball of ivy, which becomes a green hat if placed on a creature's head
25 The last stone taken from a cursed quarry
26 A worn set of leatherworking tools that belonged to an ancestor
27 A bowstring that belonged to a champion hunter
28 A detailed set of plans for a terraced hillside
29 A golden sheaf of wheat which never wilts
30 A marriage garland of persistent bright flowers, you found at a mill
31 A sturdy candlestick engraved the symbol of a guardian deity
32 A lodestone with a single rune, a cousin found in a rice field
33 A wooden stool with legs carved as a dog, goat and chicken
34 A piece of glowing hide, said to be from a monster in a fiery mountain
35 The bronze key to a granary, from a village long abandoned
36 A tiny straw scarecrow that becomes excited when birds are nearby
37 A battered cowbell said to bring good luck
38 A family recipe for spiced cider, handed down for generations
39 A ceramic ocarina, gifted by an old shepherd along with a unique tune
40 A mushroom that no one can eat, from the entrance to another realm
41 A deerskin drum, which sometimes plays a beat of its own
42 A piece of wood from a ferry which sunk and claimed a family member
43 A fertility charm in the shape of a woman
44 A set of four tiny wagon wheels, bound together with frayed rope
45 A leaky wooden bucket
46 A cow horn drinking vessel on a bronze chain
47 A necklace of chicken feathers and horsehair
48 A vial of cheap perfume, stolen from a roadside trader
49 A flint you found in a hayloft, that glows when elves are near
50 An empty ceramic pig with a slot for copper coins that is an heirloom
51 A pouch of fingernails from a ghost your family has sworn to put to rest
52 A roadside sign showing dogs holding a leg
53 A collection of leaves on a string cord
54 A blank letter, given to you by a messenger pigeon
55 A wooden cup decorated in swirly patterns, you drink from once a year
56 A tarnished silver wedding ring, wrapped in sheep's wool
57 A durable sling made of flax, said to have killed a giant
58 A spoke from a wagon wheel, with one end carved with an owl's head
59 A empty wine jar that reminds you of a great festival
60 A clump of grass with an active ecosystem of insects and tiny worms
61 A bottle of rough wine, to be opened when times are at their worst
62 A tin of rusty mismatched tools
63 A saddle made for a rodent
64 A pouch of soil from a village that is important to you
65 A stone marker with the symbols of two cities
66 A brass oil lamp, one of your parents bought in an ancient city
67 A receipt for four thousand turnips
68 A horned amulet that glows silver in sacred places
69 A reed basket, haunted by tiny spectral farm animals
70 A miniature wooden barn with several wooden farm animals
71 A clay figurine of a smiling round figure holding a sun and moon
72 A crystal torc with runes for spring and harvest
73 An oak box with four brightly painted eggs
74 A topknot of horsehair, attached to a simple headband
75 A crown of dried fruit and pinecones
76 A jar of ash from a historic inn, which burnt down
77 A branch from an olive tree
78 A clay jug of a strange grey dust, which makes animals uneasy
79 A pot of green herbs that attract cats
80 A leather glove for a bird of prey, with the fingers missing
81 A small book titled "A Quick Guide to Crops and Farm Animals"
82 A clump of fur from a childhood pet
83 A harvest wreath, that renews every autumn equinox
84 An iron bit and bridle, which always has a strong scent of hay
85 A model pig made from wine corks
86 A flat cap of woolm which birds are always trying to nest in
87 An animal trap, that never catches anything
88 A badger's skull, gripping various hairs in its jaws
89 The head of a shepherd's crook
90 A sketch of a gigantic beast pulling a strange device in a field
91 A rope swing tied with several bones charms
92 A cobblestone from an infamous haunted crossroads
93 A clockwork toad that hops once when wound up
94 A green locket showing two lovers
95 A pot of soil, blessed by a deity of agriculture
96 A hunk of warm amber, anyone bearing it has dreams of a burning farm
97 A wand of ash wood, you found at an enchanted hill
98 An old bowl with strange markings, pulled up from an ancient well
99 A cracked pewter jug, depicting shepherds watching the sky
100 A butterfly with purple wings, preserved in glass

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