100 Trinkets of Winter and Snow
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100 Trinkets of Winter and Snow

Duncan Thomson
a small lantern etched with the three names from your family

Trinkets for your fantasy city adventures and campaigns of intrigue and crowds.

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Winter Trinkets

Gloves, hats and other things to keep body parts warm. Items of bone, things covered in ribbons, and unusual pieces of jewelry... Winter trinkets might be found on rugged npcs, frozen adventurers, a snowy valley, festive village, on a witch or anywhere in winter.

So here are trinkets for your characters in cold campaigns.

There is a winter trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Winter Trinkets on DriveThru RPG.

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100 Spooky Trinkets for Winter and Cold Lands

1d100Winter Trinkets
1 a book of festive myths, you must give away next winter
2 a bone die and a list of six things to do during long winter evenings
3 a lime-green blanket embroidered with penguins
4 a hand mirror that reflects everything as if in a winter scene
5 a reptilian scale, adorned with several sparkly baubles
6 a bottle with an enduring flame, that flickers and flares at random
7 a piece of terrible poetry, trying to capture the essence of winter
8 an elf costume for a small dog
9 a picture of a half built structure made of blocks of ice
10 a reindeer skull that smells of sweet spices
11 a journal detailing ten unusual winter festivals of nearby lands
12 a necklace of painted wooden stars
13 a bone spearhead, engraved with the names of four mountains
14 an hourglass filled with powdery snow
15 a leaflet advertising a wand which makes anyone a magician
16 a long blue feather, adorned with red ribbons
17 a glistening cup of white glass
18 a old bottle of mulled wine, no-one has been brave enough to open
19 a glass globe, that goes cold when shaken
20 a crystal candlestick, that glows with a blue light on festive occasions
21 a recipe for a festival cake, shaped like a goblin
22 a cube of ice that won't melt, marked with a rune for Frost
23 a mug shaped into a gnome, given to you by a relative last winter
24 a long scarf with a familiar name stitched into it
25 a beginner's guide to surviving in a frozen wasteland
26 the tip of a narwhal tusk, inscribed with a giant's name
27 a bust of an ugly face, passed from friend to friend as a present
28 a pair of oddly shaped red socks
29 a token that entitles you to free entry to an attraction in winter
30 a withered dead snake, left to you by a dead cousin
31 a collection of teeth, sorted by size into five small pouches
32 a statuette of ice, with a blue faerie inside
33 a toy white bear made of cloth and bone
34 a fancy invitation to the "Palace of the Frost Monarch"
35 a tiny spade with instructions on how to dig a cart out from snow
36 a map of a glacier, with the entrance to a tomb marked on it
37 a rusty ice pick
38 a lump of coal with a lingering scent of pine trees
39 a painting of snowy terrain and three berserkers dressed in loincloths
40 an ash wand that trails tiny snowflakes when waved
41 a family recipe for spiced mead
42 a board game of laying tiles, to create a sunny scene
43 a small tree made of copper, which grows leaves when heated up
44 a festive tankard, that makes anyone touching it shiver
45 a bone ring with two reindeer heads, one sleeping and one angry
46 a set of stripy red and white candles that no one can light
47 the deed to a cloud castle in frozen lands, last seen a century ago
48 a wolfskin cloak sized for a toddler
49 one and a half snow shoes
50 a long list of things to do for last year, with one crossed off
51 an illustrated guide to wrestling bears
52 a wicker fox statuette, which birds like to sit on
53 a pouch with a letter, cut into snowflakes
54 a list of twenty bad jokes with a winter theme
55 a piece of velvet underwear edged with fur
56 a wolf locket, upon which you say a wish each midwinter
57 an iron lantern, taken from the the hoard of a frozen dragon
58 instructions for a four-person dance, performed on a full moon in winter
59 a wrapped present from a rival, you've never been brave enough to open
60 an ice elemental the size of your finger
61 an uncomfortable shirt, knitted by a family member
62 a journal detailing life with five different tribes who live in cold lands
63 a bauble on a piece of string, wrapped in mistletoe
64 a letter from an infamous winter witch, with a list of mundane supplies
65 a pair of cracked snow goggles
66 a green ring that gives visions of a tentacled creature trapped in ice
67 a locked box, containing a pack of painted playing cards
68 a miniature sleigh that briefly turns into cart at the push of a button
69 a star of metal wire, that glows purple in darkness
70 a list of twenty expensive gift suggestions
71 a picture of a goat wearing long socks, smoking a pipe
72 a frozen head with a surprised look on it
73 a crystal holy symbol of a winter deity
74 a small brazier inscribed with the name of a grandparent
75 a set of wind chimes that play a jaunty jingling tune
76 a glass eye that swirls with snowflakes inside
77 a plaque with a list of comedy things prohibited in winter
78 a picture of a skeletal figure in festive costume
79 a shooting star on a chain
80 a book of overly complicated festive decorations
81 a lynx amulet that gives a fortune each dawn, accurate one in six times
82 an alabaster tablet with a ritual for summoning a glitter elemental
83 a single fur-lined glove with a name inside
84 a copper oil lamp that only lights at midwinter for a few minutes
85 a card with a festive picture, with a message from a long dead ancestor
86 an ivory die depicting a sleigh, a fire, snow, a seal, a wreath and a cave
87 a tiny dancing clockwork yeti
88 a bone axehead depicting the scene of a famous winter tale
89 a toy sled you received as a child?
90 a copper torque given to you by a squirrel
91 a red and white cloak with a hood
92 an amulet of a frozen web, blessed by a frost deity
93 an belt of red feathers and tiny bells
94 a tattered badger pelt
95 a sad straw doll, that smiles when it snows
96 a festive wreath with many berries
97 a teacup with a blizzard inside it
98 a poem about an eternal winter and the hero who breaks it
99 a sparkly necklace, from the first winter you can remember
100 a music box that plays an annoying festive song

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