Spelljammer Random Tables: Of Astral Fish and Kindori
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Spelljammer Random Tables: Of Astral Fish and Kindori

Duncan Thomson
The twin-tailed kindori drifted past, bearing four elephants and the wreck of a spelljammer ship. On further inspection it was following a glittering pathway through the cosmos...

Some expanded tables for astral fishing in Wildspace or the Astral Sea of Spelljammer in Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

Tables for Make an Astral Fish Creature, Kindori - On Their Backs and Kindori - Extras.

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Spelljammer Astral Fish and Kindori

Astral fishing is popular mostly because of the multitude of fish and other space marine creatures available to catch. Here you can make hairy solar lobsters and striped silver skates, or meet the winged cosmic squid. Quite the catch!

Of these one of the best known astral fish is the kindori, a huge creature that travels with entire ecosystems and other things on their back. They where they will in Wildspace, often in large groups...

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Creatures with a dagger (†)  are from Boo's Astral Menagerie

Make an Astral Fish-Creature

Either roll once (reading across), or once per column.

1 spotted astral fish or snail
2 flashing psychic whelk or catfish
3 lesser cosmic urchin or turtle
4 quilled spectral swordfish or comb jelly
5 telepathic void crab or tunafish
6 greater cerulean lamprey or squid
7 spiked space eel or dragonet
8 armored solar slime or anglerfish
9 barbed night clam or hagfish
10 long-tailed ghost ray or lungfish
11 spined silver lobster or worm
12 hairy empyreal starfish or shrimp
13 glowing wraith scavver or sponge
14 bristled spell octopus or stingray
15 yellow-finned stellar crayfish or skate
16 striped celestial flounder or sawfish
17 shimmering lunar jellyfish or blowfish
18 blinking fiendish oyster or pipefish
19 winged golden leech or sea cucumber
20 whiskered spirit gar or houndfish


Kindori are mysterious creatures. Make a unique one by rolling 1-3  times on each of the following tables.

Kindori - On Their Backs

Kindori carry all sorts of things.

1d20You ...
1 a garden of vegetables (or statues)
2 a fey realm connected to the Feywild
3 the wreck of a spelljammer ship
4 a herd of giant space hamsters
5 a hamlet of plasmoids or an immaculate lawn of space grass
6 a planar portal or a few solar dragon wyrmlings
7 a hut with a druid in it or a temple to a space deity
8 a tower with a mage living in it
9 several helpful blink dogs or an area of magical darkness
10 giant arcane runes or a cage with a giff shipmate
11 a group of enthusiastic astral fishers or a huge fungal growth
12 a junkyard or a group of adventurers
13 an abandoned Shrike ship or a pool with a geyser
14 marooned (or shipwrecked) seafarers
15 a large flashing beacon or a giant advertising board
16 a forest grove with a herd of space swine
17 a complex ecosystem of fungi, mosses and molds
18 a scrying pool or a display of impressive illusions
19 four elephants or the skeleton of another kindori
20 a mercane† trader with a selection of junk

Kindori - Extras

Plot hooks or merely things of curiosity

1d20The kindori ...
1 is accompanied by several pegasi
2 is following an even larger astral leviathan, which carries a city
3 tries to communicate a message to the group
4 is trailed by a stream of sparkling motes
5 has twin tails
6 is part of a family of 2d6 kindori
7 has Intelligence of 10 and ability to speak Draconic
8 is dying and journeying to a kindori graveyard on a moon
9 has transparent wings
10 takes a liking to the group's ship and follows it for 1d3 months
11 is heavily injured
12 has something living inside it
13 wants to guide the group somewhere
14 is telepathic (telepathy 120 ft.)
15 is followed by a few kindori ghosts
16 is towing a Spelljammer ship (or a dead god)
17 is surrounded by a bright purple (or orange) aura
18 has a pier with several boats attached
19 is following a glittering cosmic pathway
20 has a harness with no apparent purpose

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