Spelljammer Random Tables: Astral Fishing Expanded
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Spelljammer Random Tables: Astral Fishing Expanded

Duncan Thomson
Harn had caught a small cosmic squid, enough to feed the whole crew. A few days ago they had rescued a space hamster in a basket, and everyone still talked about the time Harn had attracted a fish that wouldn't be caught, instead shouting back insults.

Some expanded tables for astral fishing in Wildspace or the Astral Sea of Spelljammer in Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

Tables for Fishing Table Expanded, Astral Fishing Fumble, Astral Fishing Critical and Dangerous Catch.

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Spelljammer Astral Fishing - Expanded

Characters in Spelljammer can try fishing in Wildspace, hoping to catch some fish to eat. These tables expand the original table, add in possible fumbles, criticals and dangerous catches.

Astral fishing summary from the Astral Adventurer's Guide...

At the end of each hour spent fishing, a character can make a DC 15 Wisdom (Survival) check. A failed check indicates no fish is caught during that hour. On a successful check, roll a d10 and consult the Fishing table to determine the catch.

But now on a successful check there is a role on the Fishing Table Expanded.

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Creatures with a dagger (†)  are from Boo's Astral Menagerie

Fishing Table Expanded (Success)

These feed one person unless otherwise specified.

1d20You catch...
1 a spiky space urchin
2 a tiny, inedible fish (a creature that consumes it is poisoned for 1 hour)
3 an annoyed lobster (feeds up to 2 people)
4 an astral sea horse
5 a hostile space eel† (feeds up to 12 people) or roll on Dangerous Catch
6 an tiny, edible, purple fish
7 a cosmic starfish
8 a sparkling quipper
9 a small space octopus (feeds up to four people)
10 a hostile gray scavveror roll on Dangerous Catch
11 2d4 tiny astral crabs (feed one person each)
12 a small, edible fish (feeds up to four people)
13 fish that glow green (or purple)
14 a small cosmic squid (feeds up to four people)
15 a hostile gray scavvver† (feeds up to 20); or roll on Dangerous Catch
16 a two-tailed fish (feeds up to two people)
17 bright green space-weed (feeds up to four people) or roll on Astral Flora
18 astral slugs
19 a lit up space guppy
20 astral shellfish attached to a damaged sign or roll on Space Debris

Astral Fishing Fumble

There are a few options on when a "fumble" might happen when Astral Fishing . Roll of a 1, failure by 5, or a failure when fishing in an unusual area are all possibilities.

1d20You ...
1-2 fall into space or get into an argument with something
3-4 lose your rod (or net)
5-6 attract a telepathic fish that berates you for trying to catch its friends
7-8 catch a fish but it looks so mournful you throw it back
9-10 are pulled into space by something dangerous
11-12 are targeted by a sending advertising courses on astral fishing
13-14 take 1d6 electricity damage (or psychic) damage from a weird fish
15-16 hook an old leather boot (or roll on Space Junk)
17-18 attract an elusive fish that shouts insults (or offers patronizing advice)
19-20 have catch stolen by a space mollymawk

Astral Fishing Critical

There are a few options on when a "critical" success might happen when Astral Fishing . Roll of a 20, success by 5, using special bait or fishing in an unusual area are all possibilities.

1d20You catch something that can feed up to four people, and ...
1-2 catch a fish with a trinket inside
3-4 spot an asteroid (or dead god)
5-6 attract a friendly kindori
7-8 spot a space tavern (or an abandoned ship)
9-10 unexpectedly advance a plot thread in a positive way
11 catch a fish with another fish inside
12 rescue a space hamster in a basket
13 find a map marking something in nearby asteroids
14 spot an astral beacon
15 attract the attention of an awakened cosmic raven, who offers services as a mentor for astral fishing
16 attract attention of a friendly pseudodragon
17 find a bottle with an important message in it
18 attract attention of tasty swarm of fish that follow ship for 2d6 days
19 spot a planar portal
20 attract a chwinga astronaut, who blesses you with Advantage on Astral Fishing checks for 2d6 days

Dangerous Catch

1d20a hostile (or unfriendly) ...
1-2 gray scavveror giant fiendish seagull (giant vulture stats)
3-4 astral giant crab (feeds up to 12); or lunar pteranodon
5-6 void darkmantle or astral crocodile
7-8 space giant octopus (feeds up to 24); or psychic gray ooze
9-10 swarm of quippers or spectral giant bat
11-12 mimic disguised as a crate (or barrel); or spotted hunter shark
13-14 psychic giant sea horse or brown scavver
15-16 shimmering slime (black pudding stats); or cosmic giant goat
17-18 carnivorous cosmic space-weed (vine blight stats)
19-20 space swine† (feeds up to 24) or astral wisp (will-o'-wisp stats)

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