Spelljammer Ships and Captains - Spelljammer Noncombat Encounters
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Spelljammer Ships and Captains - Spelljammer Noncombat Encounters

Duncan Thomson
Serpent's Secret is a lavish Wasp Ship. Pleasure vessel of a lounging rakshasa, who is attended by incubi. They raise a goblet in salute.

Noncombat Encounters of the ships and captains for Spelljammer in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Spelljammer Ships and Ship Captain.

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Spelljammer Ships and Captains

Spelljammer ships are at the heart of Wildspace and Astral Sea campaigns and adventures. These are ships or other spelljamming vessels which could be encountered almost anywhere.

There are also captains of spelljammer ships. They could be encountered on the ship or separate from it.

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Creatures with a dagger (†)  are from Boo's Astral Menagerie

Spelljammer Ship Encounters - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Spelljammer Ships
1 Space Galleon Trotters Trader is crewed by fast-talking dohwar†. They carry a cargo of many space swine†, which mysteriously keep escaping.
2 The Sea Horse is a Hammerhead ship enveloped in water for its merfolk crew and merfolk druid captain, who seek a place to call home.
3 Dread is a Squid Ship emblazoned with the sigil of Bral’s Magistrate Watch, crewed by veterans. They are in hot pursuit of a fugitive Shrike Ship, thought to be in nearby asteroids and stop to ask for assistance.
4 Ruined Stalker is a damaged Flying Fish, with crew replaced by a few aartuks† (speak Sylvan). All infected by fungi that makes them helpful.
5 Death Dragon is a spectral longship shrouded in rain. Captained by a barnacled wight in fine clothes and crewed by waterlogged zombies.
6 Living Ship Wild Child is ablaze. The crew of scouts are frantic, scrambling to douse flames consuming the treant at the ship’s heart.
7 Final Roll is a Space Galleon crewed by giff shipmates† and a priest. Have halted, arguing over a cargo of adamantine they try to keep secret.
8 Moon Wizard is a Lamprey fishing vessel. Its crew carefully harvest meat from the corpse of an astral dragon turtle, snagged in the vessel’s jaws.
9 A kindori carries three huts, home to a coven of green hags, who can operate as a spelljammer helm. They stop to offer bargains and visions.
10 Serpent's Secret is a lavish Wasp Ship. Pleasure vessel of a lounging rakshasa, who is attended by incubi. They raise a goblet in salute.
11 Glare Gaze is a moon-sized floating eye of a dead god, a spelljammer captained by a beholder They are exceedingly polite, with an acolyte who acts as speaker and interpreter. Ask for aid in hunting a beholder foe.
12 Cosmic Drake is a simple converted Flying Fish, with a storm giant happily fishing. Overjoyed to have company but only talk about fishing
13 Scorpion Ship Green Ranger has a psurlon leader† captain, under a geas not to eat sentient creatures. The lizardfolk crew help to find new foods.
14 Turtle Ship Shackled Comet is a prison vessel, currently transporting a cloud giant. The drow crew want to find a fun diversion for a few days.
15 Shadow Demon is a spelljammer made from the husk of a huge void scavver. Crewed by thri-kreen who hunt scavvers and kindori. Need another vessel to help them hunt a pack of scavvers with a rich prize.
16 Star Moth Mistral is crewed by astral elf honor guards† chasing an assassin. They have a way of tracking them and demand group aid them.
17 Starlight Voyager is a damaged Squid Ship, being repaired by a myriad of refugees. From a nearby destroyed planet, intending to become pirates.
18 A spelljammer dingy has an astral elf† who waves for help. They are shy about where they came from and just need passage to the next port.
19 Killing Fist is a huge bronze arm, crewed by hadozee shipmates† and a vampirate mage† who has seen the party in the dreams of a dead god.
20 444 is an angular Bombard captained by a pentadrone and crewed by lesser modrons. They warn about a rogue quadrone they search for.

Ship Captains - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Ship Captains
1 A veteran with a fancy cutlass hunts a thief; once their first mate.
2 A myconid sovereign invites all they meet to come aboard their ship and view the life of their spore servants. Any new converts welcome.
3 A drow elite warrior leads crew in singing shanties everywhere they go.
4 With a wave of their taloned-hand, a parrot-like aarakocra captain gives the party a friendly salute. Perched on their shoulder is a homunculus.
5 A ssurran defiler† seeks extra hands to join their crew of ssurrans.
6 An intelligent manticore (Int 16, Wis 16) is captain of a warship, and is currently researching a challenge worthy of a hunting expedition.
7 A respected medusa wears a fine bronze mask, and seeks more art.
8 While anchored, a cheerful bugbear chief throws dice with their crew, inviting the party to join in. They are a frequent but gracious loser.
9 A yuan-ti abomination has a fancy feathered hat and talks in whispers.
10 An archmage leads an expedition to a remote moon. They talk with their assistant of an arcane rite and a few vital ingredients still needed.
11 A blue-furred wereboar with an eye patch hunts their pirate nemesis.
12 A githyanki xenomancer† researching Multiverse folklore invites party to dine on their ship, in exchange for sharing myths of their peoples.
13 A polite yeti has an impressive collection of maps for ice moons.
14 A boisterous scro captan (gladiator stats) challenges all passersby to a friendly arm-wrestling match. Scro are a type of pig-snouted orc.
15 A deva has a ship that protects a moon. Curious what's on your ship.
16 A meticulous hobgoblin captain is obsessed with discipline and combat drills. They are currently trying to find some missing crew.
17 A giff warlord† is passionate about all firearms, seeking magical ones.
18 A rogue quadrone rolls dice to determine important actions. They seek Icosahedron, a twenty-sided spelljammer legendary among modrons.
19 A satyr with pan pipes leads their ship in always looking for a party.
20 "Bat Squash" is a bear with bat-wings and head (owlbear stats, Int 10, speaks Common). They seek ruins on a moon their kind was created.

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