Ship Events and Space Anomalies - Spelljammer Noncombat Encounters
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Ship Events and Space Anomalies - Spelljammer Noncombat Encounters

Duncan Thomson
A space hamster† crawls from a character's backpack. Via telepathy, they tell of stowing away to escape their cruel owner, a powerful spellcaster.

Noncombat Encounters of the ship events, space anomalies and wonders for Spelljammer in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Ship Events and Space Anomalies & Other Wonders.

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Spelljammer Ship Events and Space Anomalies

Distractions and interludes which can happen nearly anytime, including during a spelljammer journey.

There are also many distracting creatures, weird mysteries, and wonders out in space. This is a sample of the unusual ones.

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Creatures with a dagger (†)  are from Boo's Astral Menagerie

Ship Events - Noncombat

1d20Spelljammer Events
1 The ship's atmosphere ripples and thickens briefly, dragging a gravity bubble for a few days. Its gravity flips (as reverse gravity) at random .
2 A bubble engulfs ship, then bursts, inundating with dead space guppies.
3 Ship passes through a prismatic vortex, affecting all aboard onboard with Rary's telepathic bond for a few days; or roll on Space Anomalies
4 Ship surges with magic, causing vessel to stop as spelljammer helm overwhelmed. Also signaling to anything nearby that ship is immobile.
5 A seemingly distant star flares with a blinding white flash. Characters with darkvision make a DC 15 Dexterity save or affected by blindness.
6 With an iron firearm, an sentient allosaurus (Int 10) appears on the ship, asking for directions in unknown language. Eventually teleport away.
7 An astral inversion grips ship, imposing weightlessness for a few days.
8 A space mollymawk† (Dex 20, AC 15, Dex Save +7) takes a dislike to a character. Evading them, but harrassing with poop or dropped objects.
9 Fumes from a nearby gas cloud waft into the ship's air envelope. This changes its quality to foul until it is cleaned.
10 Several jammer leeches† attached to the ship have become infected and are rapidly turning the ships air foul. Soon it will be deadly.
11 Shimmering crystalline sand blows past. Time slows (or speeds up) for the ship, the current journey taking far longer (or far less time) .
12 A mote of warm light lands on the party’s ship and sinks into it. For a few days, the ship gains sentience as per the awaken spell.
13 A psychic storm, caused by the raging dreams of a slumbering god, knocks the ship violently off course, arriving somewhere unexpected.
14 A space hamster† crawls from a character's backpack. Via telepathy, they tell of stowing away to escape their cruel owner, a powerful spellcaster.
15 Passing through a nebula, magical stardust settles on a character. For several hours, they take on gaseous form while outside an air envelope.
16 Several friendly mimics disguised as debris land on ship, trying to fit in.
17 Blown by psychic winds, a flurry of massive petrified feathers collides with the vessel. Some stick to the ship, giving a new appearance.
18 A playful space swine(or space mollymawk†) lands nearby, gripping a bangle which is actually the talarith of a reigar
19 Color drains from the world as the party and their vessel come under the effects of the etherealness spell for a few hours.
20 Ship passes through a hallucinogenic nebula. All onboard have dreams and visions of things most important to them for a few hours (or days)

Anomalies and Wonders - Noncombat

1d20Space Anomalies and Other Wonders
1 Serpent-like vessels are pulling a bizarre moon. Greeted by a yuan-ti giving tours, and gift bags with leaflets on becoming a yuan-ti convert.
2 A reverse murder comet† trails rainbows. It is a lifebringer comet, bringing well-meant but poor advice and lots of enthusiasm.
3 A portal to a plane of ooze opens briefly. It spits forth a once-lost hammerhead ship dripping in mud, its crew long dead.
4 What appears at first to be a shooting star is in fact a crew of azers towing a fledgling sun back to their forge, using chains of fire.
5 A gargantuan disk of yellow liquid is spotted on the starboard side. This is one of the Astral Tunnels that connects two points of Wildspace.
6 A gaggle of magmins reignites a frozen comet shortly after spotted by party. A few hang on as it starts to move, a metallic cube glowing inside.
7 Color swirls into a sphere. Ten rays of kaleidoscopic light sprout from it. This is the gestation of a beholder being dreamed into existence.
8 A drifting pyramid of clouds hangs in the distance. A court of couatls have convened to discuss philosophy and their future endeavors.
9 Hundreds of modrons stomp through a blue portal, parading across the void. Part of a multiverse-spanning event; the Great Modron March.
10 In distance a solar dragon defeats a lunar dragon. It proceeds to eat a moon and trumpets challenge to universe. It all has a dreamlike quality.
11 A future version of a character appears in translucent form to warn their younger self of grave danger but fades before they can explain much.
12 Ahead, a purple worm crests the horizon. Inside its mouth, a humanoid is fused with its gullet. The blue-eyed hybrid fades like a mirage.
13 Meet a cosmic leviathan, a gigantic squid carrying a forest several miles across, with stone ruins visible. It is followed by hundreds of kindori†.
14 A gigantic bottle comes into view. Inside it has many messages of spacefarers. One contains a worrying message hidden by illusory script.
15 In the distance, moving at incredible speed, a silver humanoid surfs atop a flying sword. The mysterious being is gone as swiftly as it arrived.
16 An ancient pegasus with huge wings has a space hamster passenger. They guard a hidden demi-plane somewhere nearby.
17 A bubble contains a pocket astral sea, filled with random items that pop in and out of existence. Appears to be connected to bags of holding.
18 A gigantic cube, made up of many gelatinous cubes floats through the void, absorbing all manner of debris and dead creatures.
19 A beholder welcomes group to their palace, made only of copper pieces.
20 A shadow dragon casually keeps up with the ship, introducing itself but no interest in vanity or wealth. Mostly just seems to like conversation.

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