Astral Sea and Dead Gods - Spelljammer Noncombat Encounters
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Astral Sea and Dead Gods - Spelljammer Noncombat Encounters

Duncan Thomson
Thrust through the heart of a draconic corpse is a gigantic sword. Squads of modrons scrape its edges, harvesting metal from the blade.

Noncombat Encounters of the astral sea and dead gods for Spelljammer in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Astral Sea and Dead Gods.

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The Astral Sea and Dead Gods

The Astral Sea is a way between worlds. Home to astral travelers, a few native monsters and outer planes creatures.

Floating in the Astral Sea are petrified remains of deities. Most are unidentifiable stone statues, but a few are different.

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Creatures with a dagger (†)  are from Boo's Astral Menagerie

Astral Sea Encounters - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Astral Sea
1 Wanting no quarrel with the party, a green slaad in the guise of a sinister-looking wizard asks them if they have seen his identical twin.
2 A despondent murder comet† moans about its boss and a missed quota.
3 Many solars surround their dead god, chanting in chorus as its stony flesh turns to dust, absorbed into urns they carry. or roll on Dead Gods
4 A sentient roc (Int 16) stops to ask for directions to the Rock of Bral.
5 From the carcass of a shipwrecked space galleon, a starlight apparition† emerges to warn of the prowling void scavver who scuttled their vessel.
6 A marilith seeks an injured rival (or minion), offering information for aid.
7 A sentient cosmic tarrasque (Int 18, fly 60 ft.) is curious about all living creatures. They love to create stories about how they became sentient.
8 An injured arcanaloth seeks aid, paying in strange coins for assistance.
9 Meandering along is an exquisitely furnished library without walls. A genial mind flayer arcanist sits reading a tome, inviting group in for tea.
10 Desperate thri-kreen adrift in a dingy seek passage, with tales of pirates.
11 A death slaad projects its consciousness into the Astral Sea via unlimited project image. They seek to mislead crew for amusement.
12 A fallen deva seeks to regain former glory by finding a specific dead god.
13 A honking sound resonates within the mind of all spellcasters in the group. A tiny ship calls for aid. It is filled with space clowns†;
14 An astral projection begs for rescue. At a hostile planet with their crew.
15 A pair of githyanki knights astride young red dragons seek witnesses for their duel. They seek to settle a matter of honor in a joust with lances.
16 A few archmages are chatting via astral projection. Curious about group
17 Thrust through the heart of a draconic corpse is a gigantic sword. Squads of modrons scrape its edges, harvesting metal from the blade.
18 A wreck houses a few otyughs, who discuss philosophy; or roll on Ships
19 A wounded githyanki starseer†, cradles a clutch of eggs. They seek sanctuary until they recover enough to take the eggs somewhere safe.
20 A geometric portal opens to the lair of a cosmic bull-bodied gynosphinx.

Dead Gods - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Asteroids and Moons
1 A nine-armed dead god has one shining signet finger, with a large embedded crystal. It has a creature trapped by an imprisonment spell.
2 Thumb of Salvation. A mangled stone hand the size of an asteroid keeps a thumb up. For travelers it holds an area warded from many threats.
3 This three-faced dead god turned to glass. Within this vitrified flesh, creatures see their greatest sins reflected.
4 Blackheart. The dead heart of a god covered in chains, surrounded by asteroids and moons. It attracts reigar† artists, a few usually found here.
5 Several dwarf veterans mine a dead god's skull. They use the strange ore to fuel their forges and create items with magical properties.
6 Gear-Cube. A city-sized mechanical cube, thought to be a lost avatar of Mechanus. Home to countless modrons, who welcome visitors and give them small clicking metal cubes to take on their voyages..
7 A glowing dead god is surrounded by a lake. Visitors greeted by merfolk serving an aboleth sage, an expert on elemental water and dead gods
8 The Foul God. Just the torso of a dead god, covered in mud and putrid air. It has become a haven to troglodytes, who trade for anything smelly.
9 A crumbling dead god is caked in foul fungus, said to feed a demonic fungal being. Eating the malevolent mycelium corrupts body and soul.
10 Six Severed Hands. Moon-sized rocks chained together, each holding a mansion in its grasp. Claimed by githyanki, who are rarely in residence.
11 A few friendly aarakocra hunt astral fish in area. Invite group to to a feast.
12 Sprouting from stone is a pink crystal flower. Blowing off its petals destroys the flower and works a magic of divine proportions.
13 A cloud giant shipwright with many sacks offers to trade for supplies. They also offer advice on repairs and upgrades for the group's ship.
14 Entombed in the corpse of a god is an incapacitated lich. Through a crack in its celestial sarcophagus, it can speak to the party.
15 A mage claims to be working for a dragon who seeks an enchanted lair.
16 Amongst a gigantic skull, a zodar† floats. When approached, they say “The end is nigh.”, make an unexplained wish spell, and disintegrate.
17 A starlight apparition† hunts for the reincarnation of a dead god's avatar.
18 From the backs of pegasi, a pair of giff shock troopers† hunt a night scavver† with muskets. Invite the characters to join their sport.
19 The mirage of a resplendent city shimmers, vanishing if approached.
20 In smoking ruins of a floating temple lie the corpses of several psurlons. Broken eggs are scattered about. One remains intact and unhatched.

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