Rock of Bral and Space Merchants - Spelljammer Noncombat Encounters
Non-Combat Encounters Spelljammer D&D Encounters

Rock of Bral and Space Merchants - Spelljammer Noncombat Encounters

Duncan Thomson
A plasmoid boss† seeks partners to join a multi-level marketing scheme.

Noncombat Encounters of the Rock of Bral and space merchants for Spelljammer in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Rock of Bral and Space Merchants.

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Rock of Bral and Space Merchants

The Rock of Bral is a settlement in Wildspace on an asteroid. A place of politics, merchants and inhabitants from across the multiverse.

All kind of traders with problems, offers and scams for group. Found onboard a ship, on a spaceport or nearly anywhere.

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Creatures with a dagger (†)  are from Boo's Astral Menagerie

Rock of Bral Encounters - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Rock of Bral
1 A wretched astral elf aristocrat† begs on the street. They promise a great reward for aid against the shapechaning imposter who deposed them.
2 Rickshaw drawn by giant space hamsters†, driven by a noble; offers a lift.
3 The wererat guard of an unseen mercane† approaches, offering good pay to recover a recently hijacked Turtle Ship; or roll on Space Merchants
4 A lurching autognome† chases its head, kicked around by the crowd.
5 Two thugs, agents of the local underboss, stagger out of an alley. One is mortally wounded by a local rival gang and they cry out for medical aid.
6 Several hadozee warriors† mercenaries need work. Will flee before dying.
7 A doppelganger seeks passage off the Rock after killing and posing as a local artisan, stealing their work. Group may have heard rumors of this.
8 A few dowhar† offer to show best bars, dives and sights for a small fee.
9 Rubble explodes outwards as a Damselfly plummets from the sky, crashing into a building. Its stylish dwarf pilot was dead before impact.
10 A performer plays an instrument of liquid glass, bewitching listeners.
11 Several wagons carry caged creatures. A herald announces the arrival of a traveling zoo, gesturing towards grells, bulettes and stranger creatures.
12 A slick cambion tries to recruit group for Valkan’s Mercenary Legion.
13 A cartel of dohwars† is arguing with a mercane† and their entourage, each claiming the goods the other is trading with them are counterfeit.
14 A carnival of partying autognomes†, giff and hadozees blocks the way.
15 A theatrical colosseum hawker (gladiator stats) promotes a bout between a braxat and an abominable yeti, selling tickets for 10 gp each.
16 A group of adventurers look out of place, seeking somewhere to rest.
17 The guard of a nearby establishment asks party if they have seen a tall, green-mohawked elf, who has apparently stolen a very valuable chair.
18 A plasmoid boss† and its plasmoid warriors† celebrate, with drinks for all.
19 A lonely veteran regales group about old glory days. Anyone listening to whole tale is rewarded with their lucky charm; or roll on Ship Captains
20 A rogue quadrone (speaks Common) asks for a ride off of the Rock.

Space Merchants - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Space Merchants
1 A manic mercane† desperately tries to sell a weightless petrified kindori.
2 In a mobile, floating stall is a beholder sporting a giant central eye monocle. They sell finely crafted spyglasses and other optical gear.
3 A space clown† trader has a cart of dangerous gag trinkets and weapons.
4 A nomadic neogi void hunter† has information the group seek, but requires something unusual in return, as money is not what it wants.
5 A plasmoid boss† seeks partners to join a multi-level marketing scheme.
6 Bellowing proudly about their wares, a bullywug vendor pushes a steaming cart (or carries a tray) of space eel skewers, stews, and pies.
7 A zodar† has two items in a box. Trades randomly for items put in a bag.
8 A charming spy poses as a worker of Elmandar’s Charts, selling conterfieit maps of asteroids and systems, laden with fake information.
9 A gnome druid trades in rare beast parts with lists of things they need.
10 A disheveled pair of dohwar† calls the party over. Having been mugged, they need bodyguards to escort them home but can’t pay up front.
11 A psurlon† in layered fancy ponchos, sells rumours and peculiar meats.
12 A mind flayer offers tickets to expired storage boxes. The next one contains a boil-covered corpse which houses a neogi hatchling swarm.
13 A troglodyte with oddly small feet has a plethora of cursed items to sell.
14 A corpulent ssurran poisoner† offers exotic perfumes from a pyramidal palanquin. They mistreat and berate their exhausted goblin workers.
15 A braxat† shipwright offers to improve your ship for a very cheap price.
16 Parroting promotional phrases overheard from other merchants, a kenku crook peddles firearms and ammo pilfered from giff stockpiles.
17 A flumph space guppy breeder, will part with its fish for the right price.
18 A gnomish artificer (spy stats) is shrouded in green smoke, selling the services of a few rusty autognomes† for seemingly extortionate prices.
19 A retired astral elf honor guard† operates a legendary mobile tattoo shop.
20 A demilich sells various useless or weird spelljammers, including a dead god's head, a galleon with always deadly air and a giant clown wagon.

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