Solo Dungeon Tables 6: Treasures and Other Misc Tables
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Solo Dungeon Tables 6: Treasures and Other Misc Tables

Duncan Thomson

Continuing to rebuild the Warlock of Firetop Mountain with a bonus week. This time Treasure table and other misc tables for the entire complex.

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Treasures and Magic Items

There are many treasures to be had in old dungeons such as Firetop Mountain, so here are a couple of random tables to represent them for are reconstrucion of the Fighting Fantasy Classic (as a solo adventure).

Treasures of the Complex

Some creatures may be wandering the passages, or attracted by noise or attention

1d10There is/are a(n)...
1 key for the Warlocks treasure, with a valuable gem embedded in it
2 gold figurine of the Warlock holding a wand [ARC]
3 blade of silver with religious icons [SAC]
4 fine warhammer of dwarven make with images of an ancient hero [DWA]
5 few flasks of alchemical fire [FIR]
6 ornate box of vellum, which contains the pet of a creature nearby
7 red gem that glows brightly near fires [FIR]
8 empty spellbook, ornately decorated with a key and lock [ARC]
9 trio of kegs (or barrels) of a legendary dwarven beer [DWA]
10 blessed holy water that heals [SAC]

Magical Items of the Complex

1d10There is/are a(n)...
1 sentient key for the Warlock's treasure, which is full of unhelpful advice
2 deck of cards with weird images, that take form when thrown down, and might be friendly, hostile or a little bit wild [ARC]
3 magical jewel, found within a statue, which is a potent weapon against the Warlock [ARC]
4 blue candle, that keeps back fear while lit [SAC]
5 animated pick (or spade) that will dig holes until otherwise commanded [DWA]
6 a magical sword, which can flare up in flames once per day [FIR]
7 A journal with notes about countering fire magic, and one scroll that will quench a large fire or the next use of fire magic nearby [FIR]
8 magical rope that can bind and tie on command, but that will try to strangle its owner at a inconvenient time; or a potion of invisibility
9 a blessed bow with a few silver arrows, potent against undead. [SAC]
10 an enchanted (or cursed) horned helmet which grants great skill in throwing axes [DWA]

Finishing Up

Still might need a table for hazards!

Next up is the Maze and final confrontation with the Warlock!