Solo Dungeon Tables 7: The  Warlock's Maze
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Solo Dungeon Tables 7: The Warlock's Maze

Duncan Thomson

Nearing the end of the rebuild the Warlock of Firetop Mountain with the last area of the mountain, the Maze. Next time will be the final entry with the Warlock and their Treasure.

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Not An Amazing Maze

The Maze of Zagor in the book is the final part of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain before encountering the Warlock. It's more a lesson in frustration than particularly dangerous. Apart from a warren of secret doors, annoying traps, dead-ends and tunnels, there isn't much in the way of challenges, aside from a couple of monsters.

Which isn't great for solo rpg play or rpg play in general. But lets make some random tables out of them!

However, the intention is that once the maze has been entered, the only way out is through, to confront the Warlock.

The end of the maze should be a guardian of some kind, taken from the Room Inhabitants.

Start of the Maze (5 options)

The start of the maze is made obvious by something blocking the route back into the main complex.

1d10The path behind is blocked by a(n)...
1-2 sturdy portcullis, with no obvious way to raise it
3-4 wall of glyphs, that fills any who approach with a sense of dread [SAC]
5-6 sliding stone doors with interlocking locks? [DWA]
7-8 magical wall of fire [FIR]
9-10 thick magical door, which shows the glaring visage of the Warlock [ARC]

Maze Corridors

Trying to find the feel of a maze, with a few more things to interact with than the original...

1d10There is/are a(n)...ending in a(n)
1 sloping passage T junction
2 sign (or story) in Dwarvish [DWA] crossroads
3 door or narrow side tunnel dead end
4 shrine [SAC] or religious murals dead end with a secret door
5 long passage door
6 passageway lit by long-lasting torches [FIR]archway to a room
7 secret door to a room dead end with a trap
8 short passageway or door door and another passageway away
9 magical misdirection trap [ARC] collapse
10 secret door to a passageway familiar junction or crossroads

Maze Wandering Encounters

1d10There is/are a(n)...detail
1 group of 1d6+1 goblinoids investigating a strange noise
2 few gremlins or roll on Maze Inhabitants asleep or on guard
3 few giant rats or roll on River Wandering Encounters alert for danger
4 group of 1d6 skeletons wearing religious icons [SAC] searching for someone
5 goblin scout or roll on NPCs injured
6 malevolent ball of glowing light [FIR] eating something or making repairs
7 simulacrum or familiar of the Warlock [ARC] being noisy
8 imp or roll on River Wandering Encounters going somewhere with purpose
9 troll hostile or aggressive
10 dwarf sentry [DWA] or roll on NPCs curious about the group

Maze Chamber

1d10Room TypeRoom Detail
1 opulent temple room [SAC] covered in carvings of religious scenes
2 place with an eternal fire [FIR] with walls covered in soot
3 antechamber with a door to a tomb [SAC] with an expensive tapestry
4 large cave with lots of broken pottery
5 fake vault with a trap [DWA] with a dead corpse, recently dead
6 wizard's study [ARC] filled with books
7 square room with three other doors with a trapped chest
8 smithy with a narrow chimney [FIR] with lots of stacked firewood
9 dining room, attended by magical unseen servants [ARC] with a treasure key hidden somewhere
10 artisan's workshop [DWA] with a treasure hidden in a secret cavity

Maze Area Inhabitants

1d10There is/are a(n)...
1 minotaur, angry at something
2 artisan made of fire, hard at work [FIR]
3 the keeper of the maze, a mage who avoids combat [ARC] or roll on NPCs
4 undead priest, who watches over something hidden in this part of the maze [SAC]
5 group of gambling dwarves, who welcome most into their game [DWA]
6 fire-breathing dragon, who can change shape (or is serpentine) [FIR]
7 goblin outcast, content in their solitude
8 apprentice of the Warlock, studying magic that they cannot yet grasp [ARC]
9 charming demon, kept here by sacred icons [SAC]
10 dwarven smith, working on a masterpiece [DWA]

Finishing Up

Still might need a table for hazards!

Last up is the final confrontation with the Warlock!