Solo Dungeon Tables 3: Approaching the Mountain
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Solo Dungeon Tables 3: Approaching the Mountain

Duncan Thomson

Continuing to rebuild the Warlock of Firetop Mountain with random tables for rumours, aid and encounters before the mountain.

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Approaching the Mountain

Last time we looked at the themes for the mountain, with tables for an adventure overview and details of the keys.

These are the first tables of the actual adventure, for rumours heard before starting or found at the village two days trek from the Mountain entrance. There are also chances to find or bargain for aid and some encounters before reaching the mountain.

Rumours of the Mountain

The adventurers will here one or more rumours about the mountain. Up to you how much truth there is to them

1d10You hear that...
1 there is a fire dragon stalking the caves within the mountain [FIR]
2 there are dwarves living in the complex who are opposed to the Warlock and may aid you [DWA]
3 there is a sacred fountain, which heals those respectful of the old gods of the complex and poisons others [SAC]
4 there are several keys in the complex, with some unlocking the Warlocks's treasure
5 the Warlock gets their power from a enchanted deck of cards [ARC]
6 the red of the mountain is caused by a powerful fire spirit, bound in servitude [FIR]
7 goblins in the mountain will try to capture any dwarves, to take to their leader [DWA]
8 the Warlock is able to see magically through paintings and mirrors in the complex [ARC]
9 a holy weapon which is potent against undead was taken into the complex by a previous adventurer [SAC]
10 visitors should keep a couple coins for the ferry, and pay their respects to its owner

Potential Aid

Those looking are able to find, buy or bargain for help on their adventure

1d10You locate...
1 a dwarf map, labelled a secret entrance into the mountain [DWA]
2 a potion labelled with a fire rune, which some think is some kind of protection and others a weapon [FIR]
3 a local hunter and their dog, willing to guide you to the front entrance of the mountain
4 a spellbook sold by a desperate mage from the mountain, who bargained it for some food [ARC]
5 a priest of fire, looking to uncover the secrets of the mountain [FIR], [SAC]
6 a dwarf guard looking for a cousin in the mountain [DWA]
7 a flask of holy water, blessed by a priest within the mountain before it fell under the influence of the Warlock [SAC]
8 a desperate young villager, willing to work as a torchbearer
9 a crude map of the complex, making a river, kitchen, cells and a danger. There are extra notes in Goblin
10 a magical glowing key, brought back by an adventurer a year ago [ARC]

Encounters Outside the Mountain

Encounters before reaching the dungeon complex of the mountain.

1d10There is ...
1 A group of 1d6+1 goblins have a dwarf prisoner on a rope [DWA]
2 a hermit who approaches the group for news. They live in a nearby ruin and were once a priest [SAC]
3 a few giant rats feeding on a goblin body. Following their tracks leads to a hidden tunnel into the mountain (which leads to the Outer complex)
4 a young mage, who seeks to enter to mountain to learn from the Warlock [ARC]
5 a dwarf farmstead which is abandoned. Haunted by a dwarf ghost who scares away creatures from the mountain [DWA]
6 a smouldering glow around the top of the mountain [FIR]
7 A spirit guides a character to an old shrine hidden in a cave [SAC]
8 an ogre cooking a boar over a fire. Around them are sacks of firewood to take back to the mountain [FIR]
9 the shimmering visage of the Warlock covering the mountain. They look at the lands around for a few minutes before disappearing. [ARC]
10 a patrol of 1d6+1 goblins have paused to play at dice or roll on Outer Complex Wandering Monsters

Finishing Up

I'll come back and update these once all of the tables have been done for the adventure.

Hmm maybe a Plot Hook table is needed too!?

Next up is the outer complex and the first dangerous part of the reimagined Warlock of Firetop Mountain.