Solo Dungeon Tables 5: Underground Rivers and Curses
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Solo Dungeon Tables 5: Underground Rivers and Curses

Duncan Thomson

Continuing to rebuild the Warlock of Firetop Mountain with tables for the Underground River and the area around it.

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The Underground River and Cursed Area

In the middle of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain is an underground river, which is followed by a cursed area. Iconic encounters and areas such as the ferryman and the boathouse occur here.

There's no explanation how an underground river comes to be inside a mountain. Maybe an elemental portal, pressure driving it upward from below or a freak accident. Not something to worry about for random tables about a fantastical solo dungeon crawl.

In the book there is an area of undead, from a cursed placed there by the warlock.

River Wandering Encounters

Some creatures may be wandering the passages, or attracted by noise or attention

1d10There is/are a(n)...
1 group of d6 zombies or a drowned undead spirit
2 a swarm of flesh eating fish or harmless phantoms of creatures long dead
3 giant sand worm
4 few large bats
5 old priest with d6 skeletons [SAC] or roll on NPCs
6 hell hound [FIR] or flaming undead
7 crocodile or d6+1 skeletons carrying a boat
8 a floating hand that serves a nearby spellcaster or undead [ARC]
9 a ghoul looking for a bite or an aquatic ghoul
10 dwarven ghost [DWA] or roll on NPCs

River and Cursed Area Inhabitants

Particular inhabitants of the River area

1d10There is ...
1 a group of friendly animated tools, singing dwarven working songs. Carving out cave, working on making something or other activity [DWA]
2 a ghostly wizard adventurer who seeks revenge on the Warlock and can offer aid [ARC]
3 a spirit who lives in the river and will plague characters with aquatic beasts or roll on Outer Chamber Inhabitants
4 a wight who uses a magical blade that it pains them to wield [ARC]
5 a ghoul who was a dwarf in life, and will attempt conversation in dwarven but is hungry[DWA]
6 a shapechanger in guise of a human who knows alot about area. Has a pet hellhound [FIR]
7 a holy voice of an old power of the mountain, that offers a magical weapon in exchange for an oath to defeat the Warlock [SAC]
8 a priest of fire who is cursed to stay in the area [FIR]
9 a vampire who was a former priest, wary of symbols of other deities [SAC]
10 a greedy were-creature who operates the ferry

River and Cursed Area Room/ Details

1d10River LocationCurse LocationRoom/Area Detail
1 sandy beach staircase down/up farming tools
2 boat house room of coffins furniture made from boats
3 jetty with a boat storehouse dwarven furnishings
4 several large rocks luxurious room dead bodies
5 ferry waiting altar room a rune-covered chest
6 island with an altar a dead end with alcoves shelf or religious texts
7 sign for a ferry with bell arcane laboratory strewn with debris
8 rickety bridge summoning circle room a supernatural fire
9 island with another location old sleeping chambers statue of the Warlock
10 a dwarf-built crane / loading dock room with maps and charts a couple of small boats

Cursed Area Details

There is a cursed area near to the underground river, which has various options.

For location and alternative is d10 1-3: Before the River, 4-7: After the River, 8-9: On an Island, 10 Covers the Whole Area

1d10The cursed area ...
1-2 was because of a curse laid by the Warlock on an old temple, and is located after River [SAC]
3-4 covers an island in the middle of the river and has ghosts that go out into the river
5-6 was the site of a supernatural fire and the area is now always warm [FIR]
7-8 cursed by a powerful dwarf spirit, who controls creatures in the area [DWA]
9-10 is magically connected to the Warlock's treasure, and contains one of the keys needed to access the treasure [ARC]

Finishing Up

Might need tables for treasures and hazards!