Solo Dungeon Tables 4: The Outer Complex
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Solo Dungeon Tables 4: The Outer Complex

Duncan Thomson

Continuing to rebuild the Warlock of Firetop Mountain with tables for running the first part of the actual dungeon, the Outer Chambers.

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The Outer Complex/Chambers

Now we get to the first part of the dungeon proper, entering the mountain to encounter sentries, magical chambers and a variety of guardians.

There's no map or tables for number of rooms or their placement. This would be determined more by the system used and type of adventure. There are also many other tables out there for random dungeons.


There is at least one obvious entrance, but there will be at least one other hidden or hard to access one. Dungeon design is better when there is more than one way in.

1d10the entrance is...
1-2 a cave entrance below a jagged cliff face that appears to have been savaged by the claws of a gargantuan beast.
3-4 guarded by the visages of two dwarven faces [DWA]
5-6 a large stone archway, carved with famous religious scenes [SAC]
7-8 partly concealed by many eerie red flowers, that have a flame-like appearance [FIR]
9-10 beside a statue with glowing eyes, whose head turns to watch all who enter [ARC]

Outer Complex - Wandering Encounters

Some creatures may be wandering the passages, or attracted by noise or attention

1d10There is/are a(n)...
1 group of d6 goblins
2 troll
3 acolyte lighting candles [SAC]
4 few giant rats
5 dwarf rogue [DWA] or roll on NPCs
6 fire spirit [FIR]
7 giant spider
8 spellcaster's familiar [ARC]
9 few large bats
10 angry berserker or roll on NPCs

NPCs of the Mountain

Found anywhere in the complex

1d10NPC descriptorNPC profession
1 goblin or orc sentry
2 shapechanging torturer
3 imprisoned or fire-using servant
4 helmeted or undead chieftain
5 gambling or dwarf scholar
6 singing cook
7 spellcasting priest
8 old or angry smith
9 ogre berserker
10 metal adventurer or pyromancer

Outer Complex Inhabitants

Particular inhabitants of the Outer Chambers

1d10There is a(n) ...
1 group of dwarves (or goblins) with a prisoner [DWA]
2 group of goblins occupied by gambling and drinking
3 giant enjoying a meal or roll on River Inhabitants
4 wizard among many items, who tries to sell something useful further on in the mountain [ARC]
5 a dwarven statue which can be possessed by the Warlock [DWA]
6 acolyte or goblin building a big fire in a fireplace below a chimney / vent [FIR]
7 large goblin bearing a silver blade [SAC]
8 smith working away at a forge [FIR]
9 a former priest, kept as a prisoner [SAC]
10 iron statue with a gem embedded in it [ARC]

Outer Complex Room Details

1d10Room TypeRoom Detail
1 library or gallery with a magical painting
2 forge or roasting pit [FIR] with many torches (or charred bones)
3 sacred fountain or pool [SAC] with a safe place to rest
4 cave or leader's chambers with a secret door hidden in a bookcase
5 armoury or barracks with frightening images
6 magical patio or pool [ARC] with a circle of power
7 prison or pear-shaped room with a cursed item
8 study or storeroom with magical darkness
9 torture chamber or kitchen with a magical key
10 ornate room of fine mosaics or fine dining room [DWA] with an old dwarven shrine (or treasure

Complex Passage Details

To be used as needed for details

1d10In the passsage is...
1 a portcullis blocking the way. Nearby is a way to raise it
2 many small narrow tunnels leading off
3 a sentry post
4 a tree stump with a sign welcoming visitors to rest
5 a pit trap
6 a dead end or pile of bones
7 a pair of levers, one of which is actually a disguised blade
8 a shrine
9 a glowing key hanging from a hook
10 a torch bracket with a lit torch

Finishing Up

Hmm might need another tables for treasures or hazards!

Next up is the outer complex and the Underground River and some cursed areas around it.