Solo Dungeon Tables 8: A Warlock and their Treasure
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Solo Dungeon Tables 8: A Warlock and their Treasure

Duncan Thomson

The final one of the rebuild the Warlock of Firetop Mountain using random tables.

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The Final Confrontation

So we come to the Warlock and their treasure, in whatever format it is!

In the Overview section, there were tables for the Mountain Dungeon Overview and Keys to the Treasure, which might give some clues to the details of a particular warlock.

The Warlock

The "Warlock" is the ruler of the mountain complex and a powerful spellcaster.

1d10Warlock AppearanceWarlock Magic
1 old and sinister lots of illusions
2 bright red hair and always carrying an open flame [FIR]all magic accompanied by fiery sparks or strong in fire magic [FIR]
3 intricate hair and a set of fine artisans tools [DWA] a crafter of powerful items [DWA]
4 holding a staff covered in runes [ARC] use their magic for nearly everything [ARC]
5 long hair and wearing several charms (or relics) [SAC] aided by otherworldly powers [SAC]
6 wearing armour of dwarven make [DWA] strong in earth magic [DWA]
7 marked with glowing fiery runes [FIR] edge of their magic limned by a ghostly light that spreads and fades [FIR]
8 wearing a robe marked with shiny stars [ARC]blue runes float from their magic [ARC]
9 long, flowing religious robes [SAC] magic accompanied by an almost blinding light [SAC]
10 wearing robes of velvet and gold is flashy and obvious

Alternative Way to Defeat the Warlock

There are ways to defeat the Warlock of Firetop Mountain without fighting (or make it easier), so here are options for the remake.

1d10The Warlock is vulnerable to...
1 water magic and water [FIR]
2 weapons made of silver [SAC]
3 having their familiar attacked [ARC]
4 anyone appealing to their honour [DWA]
5 having their deck of magic cards tampered with
6 any magic of cold and winter [FIR]
7 people and items strong in faith [SAC]
8 any magic item they have made [ARC]
9 overly complex plans [DWA]
10 having their ego and pride manipulated

The Warlock's Treasure

Protected by deadly traps unless the correct keys are used, the Warlock's treasure awaits...

1d10The treasure is...
1 a spirit of fire bound to the mountain, granting power to whoever rules it [FIR]
2 a powerful healing relic [SAC]
3 a library of arcane knowledge [ARC]
4 a vault of dwarven treasures [DWA]
5 a magnificent chest filled with treasures of gold, silver and gems
6 a magical forge aided by bound spirits of fire [FIR]
7 a portal to contact and summon otherworldly beings [SAC]
8 a sentient spellbook created by a legendary archmage [ARC]
9 a magnificent artificer's workshop [DWA]
10 a crystal ball that controls many things in the mountain complex

Finishing Up

That's a lot of tables! I'll have a look at the final compiled lot, and see if they need updating or tweaking. (the answer is yes probably!)

Hope you make use of all these tables!