Boats, Ships and Events Onboard - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters
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Boats, Ships and Events Onboard - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

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Atop a raft made of seaweed and kelp (shambling mound), a friendly elven druid waves, asking about a star that might have crashed nearby.

Noncombat Encounters for sea adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Watercraft and Events Onboard Ship.

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Watercraft and Events on-Board Ship

It could be a ship or other seagoing watercraft, encountered in port, at the coast, in the open sea or as a wreck.

Events on a ship might be distractions and interludes which can happen nearly anytime, including during a seafaring voyage.

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Watercraft to Encounter

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Watercraft
1 Bottle is a beautiful vessel of crystal, crewed by water genasi. These waters are unfamiliar, and they seek to return to the Plane of Water
2 The ship Bad Call is notorious for its crew's ill fortune, but somehow continues to sail. The misfortune appears to spread to others it meets.
3 Veritable Harvest is captained by a mage who made a pact with an evil power. It is crewed by dead hands, and seeks an island lost in time.
4 Atop a raft made of seaweed and kelp (shambling mound), a friendly elven druid waves, asking about a star that might have crashed nearby.
5 Mishmash is a floating village of misfits, trading wherever their home goes. It is well built of rafts, broken ships, nets, and cast-off objects.
6 The Lulu is made from a massive pea pod, with a giant beanstalk as its mast. A jolly crew is singing as they manage sails made of giant leaves.
7 My Creator’s Wish dredges area for a lost treasure. The captain, a fanatical warforged veteran, promises wealth to any who can help.
8 The Rusted Anchor is a mechanical steamship that often breaks down. Run by artificer gnomes, it toots a loud horn to signal attention.
9 The Unending Hunger, with blood red sails, appears to be empty. Every dockside horror story talks of a crew of vampires aboard.
10 Sea Idol is crewed by kobolds, who have numbers for names. Number 6 is a veteran living apart, on board especially to deal with monsters.
11 Feared pirate ship Black Star is known for dramatically appearing from nowhere. This time the captain (bandit captain) asks for directions.
12 The Lucky Roll is a longboat won by a scout playing dice, now crewed by extended family. They row out of time, as no-one can keep a beat.
13 Surprise is made from body of a sea monster, crewed by lizardfolk. They seek allies to free their people from a tyrannical naga.
14 Ollie is a heavily laden cargo ship, protected by a pair of adventurers. A well-dressed couple on-board want to take refuge with the party.
15 The Good Ship is entirely made of candy, crewed by gingerbread sailors (myconid stats). Fey magic keeps it protected from the water.
16 The fishing boat Orktopus is small, laden with massive fish. The crew sings a jaunty song in a language none in group have heard before.
17 Merchant ship Natural One has an unhappy crew. Entangling vines have grown in last few days, but the druid passengers deny any link.
18 A floating giant translucent orb hosts a court of bullywugs in a moist rainforest biome. Ruled by Queen Glurgex, on way to a summer home.
19 Fortuitous is a merchant ship with a rich priest as captain. They seek a newly found volcanic island, trying to claim ownership before a rival.
20 The Weaver is shaped as a huge spider, giving appearance of walking on the water. It heads towards group, wanting to trade food and water.

Events Onboard Ship - Sea Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Events Onboard Ship
1 Among a net of fish is a mosaic-covered pot, with a wax-sealed lid.
2 From all around pillars of earth erupt from the ocean. The crew shout in surprise as an earthen hand holds the ship aloft.
3 Crew warily report crates that grew legs, and are now hiding on board.
4 Under canvas hides a kobold stowaway, who wants to see the world and play three-dragon ante; or roll on Seafarers for other stowaway
5 A homunculus in a tiny boat approaches holding a letter for the party.
6 A caught fish sputters in perfect common "Return me to the water or the water will remember you for what little will remain of your life!"
7 At a quiet moment, a mysterious booming noise sounds seven times.
8 An unchecked line sees a sailor thrown overboard as the weather worsens rapidly. With them goes the ship's purse and a vital key!
9 A flock of gulls flies around the ship’s sails. Weirdly, one is purple.
10 Fireworks (or the skywrite spell) burst into the sky, spelling out "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"". Everyone looks around confusedly.
11 The dinner bell rings. But this time, a sumptuous banquet is laid out.
12 As light sources bloom from the water, a wary sailor warns group to "Best ignore them, looking too long makes a person want to jump."
13 The first mate opens a crate of balls and tosses them to the crew.
14 The head of a spirit naga appears over side of the boat. "I thank you as always" it hisses as two crew carry bundles and chests towards it.
15 A dragon wyrmling flying overhead drops a tangle of fine silk ribbons.
16 At the top of the mast is carved a peculiar face, eyes watching with malicious glee. Wasn't there yesterday, and who carved it is a mystery.
17 The crew sets up carnival booths and an obstacle course for a fun day.
18 As a storm rages a storm giant emerges from the sea, shouting over the wind. Offer to escort to safety for a favor; or roll on Open Sea
19 A few floating oars bump against ship. One is metallic and shimmers.
20 A heavy, iron-banded chest bobs along in the ocean. If brought aboard it reveals itself to be a mimic that acts like an eager puppy.

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