Islands and Open Sea - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters
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Islands and Open Sea - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Duncan Thomson
A portal opens up in the sea (or sky) and a marid (or djinni) looks through. They recite poetry and then address the party with a question.

Noncombat Encounters for sea adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Open Sea and Islands.

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Sea and Isles

The open sea is mostly water, but there are also curious sea monsters, floating objects, marine animals and peoples from the depths.

A sunny sandy beach is or a barren windswept pebble one. Both have things in the shallows or the washed up debris.

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Open Sea - Sea Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Open Sea
1 Ghostly hands and faces attempt to pierce the water from below.
2 Found among flotsam, a starving tiefling begs passage to land. If asked what happened they state "It invisibly cut through the crew to get me."
3 Two elves row a big pumpkin, whistling a familiar tune; or roll on Ships
4 Walking over the waves, a furious archmage loudly complains about the quality of care they received. They demand passage from the group.
5 A table floats by, with nothing on top of it but a lit brass oil lamp .
6 A portal opens up in the sea (or sky) and a marid (or djinni) looks through. They recite poetry and then address the party with a question.
7 A gelatinous cube floats, barely visible. Inside it is a brilliant trident.
8 A ferocious-looking sea monster (dragon turtle stats) surfaces nearby. In a friendly voice, it delivers a message from a character's cousin.
9 From the clear sky, three bolts of lightning strike three different spots
10 A gladiator in a lone canoe paddles towards group in the open water. They have clearly been out here a while but have no interest in rescue.
11 Inexplicably, there is a large mass of noodles floating in the open water.
12 From a ship's wreckage, a severely wounded medusa pleads sanctuary. She swears she was an innocent passenger, and not the ship's doom.
13 A few tritons (merfolk) pop up, point at a character, and disappear again.
14 A giant jellyfish (giant octopus stats) follows the group, inevitably catching up with them wherever they go. It just wants to be fed scraps.
15 An albatross, too weak to fly, is a druid seeking aid for their enclave.
16 Below the waves it's possible to see the spires of a beautiful city. Humanoids move to and fro, seemingly oblivious to the world above.
17 A pod of frolicking dolphins spell out a message with their bodies.
18 A pair of air elementals perform a mesmerizing dance. They hover expectantly, rewarding gifts with favorable winds; or roll on Aerial Encs
19 A goat calmly stands atop a giant crab swimming in the water.
20 A strange ticking fills the air, accompanying the silhouette of an enormous crocodile (giant crocodile) as it passes by.

Islands - Sea Noncombat

Use 1d10 for an encounter found on an island. Or for an entire island use 1d10+10 (11-20)

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Islands
1 A sea hag claims to be bound to the island., They offer a reward for the capture of a young aarakokra who eloped with their daughter.
2 All the coconuts (or other fruits) drop from their trees simultaneously.
3 A weeping nymph (dryad) collects refuse washed up by a storm. They want to make ornaments for their mangrove; or roll on Beach Encs
4 A loud, throaty rumbling noise echoes over the island. It repeats hourly.
5 A character finds signs of a cache, buried here. It is one of several on the island, each containing valuable alcohol, food and other supplies.
6 A character finds a sending stone disguised as a coconut (or big shell).
7 There is a lighthouse, offering comforting illumination. If a character comes near, the light begins to follow their every movement.
8 A character trips over childhood belongings, that they didn't bring here.
9 Two ships sit at anchor. Officers of both are on one deck, deep in discussion. Group had heard that these ships are foes; or roll on Ships
10 Suddenly, all coconuts (or other fruits) on ground float up to their trees.
11 Each tree on this deserted island has a blue ribbon tied around it.
12 The island a collection of vessels lashed together into a shanty town. The inhabitants are made of wood under the effect of a great curse.
13 The sandy beaches of this island’s expansive beaches are bright pink.
14 During the day the island is a plentiful sanctuary. At night the water turns acidic and the inhabitants flee to the mangrove trees for safety.
15 An awakened tree wanders the verdant island, desperate for company.
16 This island is the home of a plague stricken village. A ship warns all who enter they may not leave again. However, no one here appears ill!
17 This island looks like a frozen wasteland, unlike another island nearby.
18 All beasts on this sprawling island and surrounding waters are giant-sized versions. Giant crabs, giant spiders and giant lizards among others.
19 This tiny island is barren, save for a small altar with a bizarre inscription.
20 Everything on island is made from sweet foods. If anyone attempts to eat anything, illusion dispels and a group of pixies streak away, laughing.

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From Sea Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild.

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