Coast and Sky - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters
D&D Encounters Coastal Non-Combat Encounters

Coast and Sky - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Duncan Thomson
A long red scarf is visible, trailing to a hidden cave entrance. Inside is a merfolk’s secret grotto, a treasure trove of mundane human artifacts.

Noncombat Encounters for sea adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Coasts and Sky.

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Coasts and Sky

On the coast, where sea meets shore. Places of wrecks and cliffs, fishing villages and moored boats, jagged rocks and hidden coves.

Plus all kind of seafaring NPCs for the group to meet. Found on a ship, at the docks, alone in a boat or marooned on an island.

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Coastal - Sea Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Coastal
1 A seagull (vulture) snatches an object from a character's pack.
2 A beautiful figure on a clifftop looks wistfully out into the distance. If approached, they cry out and vanish in a long, echoing scream.
3 A kite hovers in the air, with no apparent flyer. or roll on Aerial Encs
4 Several children excitedly inform the group that they’ve recently seen glowing lights, coming from the old shipwreck nearby.
5 Dragonboat races are about to start, but one boat needs more crew.
6 A long red scarf is visible, trailing to a hidden cave entrance. Inside is a merfolk’s secret grotto, a treasure trove of mundane human artifacts.
7 A haul of fish lands at a village, everyone lining up for a mutated catch.
8 Recent rains have revealed a long forgotten shrine hidden behind the cliff face. The fearsome deity depicted is unknown.
9 Several pebbles at the shoreline suddenly levitate to eye level.
10 A fishing village is abuzz with talk that some fisherfolk came across a kraken tentacle. It looks like it was severed some time ago.
11 Things wriggle in a fine mesh net. Inspecting reveals a catch of stirges.
12 Keeping close to shore is a sleek single-masted boat with black sails. It is probably heading to a local cove known for smuggling.
13 A galeb duhr helpfully moves rocks so villagers can get to their boats.
14 A pair of nonhostile sahuagin flags the group down from the surf. In crude Common they explain they are looking for a thief.
15 An elven wreck is home to desperate banshee, who pleads for release.
16 An unique rock formation, renowned locally, is normally only accessible by boat. It can now be walked to, due to a strangely low tide.
17 A map lies in a dried pool of blood, by dead sailors with brutal wounds.
18 A rough sport involving throwing a dead head is being played by laughing elves, who challenge party to a game; or roll on Beach Encs
19 A symphony of saltwater frogs breaks out... into an actual symphony.
20 Several locals surround an anchored rope, tied to a floating cloaker, asleep. They don't want it to be disturbed, muttering about ill omens.

Aerial - Sea Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Aerial
1 A harpy insists in broken Common that they're here to assist the group.
2 The surrounding air shimmers with dazzling lights of blue and purple. Every creature nearby is illuminated (as faerie fire spell) for a few hours.
3 Colorful tropical birds fly by, seemingly squawking, but without sound.
4 Floating aimlessly aboard a cloud, a djinni passes the group, giving a wave. Soon afterwards the clouds turn heavy and darken toward a storm.
5 A terrified orc cries for help, from a crows nest drifting in the sky.
6 A herd of hippogriffs flies overhead. Mounted on them is a group of adventure tourists, guided by a grizzled captain (veteran).
7 A group of disheveled aarakocra desperately searches for a missing pet.
8 Riding a giant gull (giant eagle), a convincing kobold (Persuasion +5) warns of pirates nearby. For a reasonable price, they will act as a guide.
9 A bored cloud giant steers a cloud castle to the group, wanting to talk.
10 Fixed in midair, a human is frozen in time, at moment of being thrown off something. If touched the effect vanishes and they fall screaming.
11 A pteranodon family flies by, one in a party hat clutching a wrapped gift.
12 An osprey (hawk) swoops down and drops a small, illustrated book by a character. It then circles (or lands) nearby, looking at party expectantly.
13 A rainbow arcs from a cloud. A dryad slides down it, looking confused.
14 With an ear-splitting screech an imperious black dragon wyrmling gains attention. It demands to be hidden, promising wealth to any who aid it.
15 A cordial pegasus stops the group and politely asks for a drink of water.
16 The Golden Mallard is an airship shaped like a duck, which can also sail on water. It is entirely crewed by bugbears, who love to entertain.
17 A runed bottle floats on the winds, with a message in a strange tongue.
18 a halfling tribal warrior frantically gestures for help. They hang from a rope, attached to a floating net with several trapped gas spores.
19 A young elf plummets downward, thrown off by a headstrong wyvern.
20 A squad of tritons (merfolk) in flawless shell armor ride flying fish (giant sea horse, fly 50 ft.). Ask group to stop, as visitors unwelcome here.

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From Sea Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild.

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